The trips within the park.. what we saw Final..

Travelling around between Mata Mata and Twee Rivers exit point we saw so many different animals and birds that I will have to make two posts of it..

Kalagadi 1171

Kalagadi 1200

Kalagadi 1214

Kalagadi 1258

Kalagadi 1275

Kalagadi 1291

Kalagadi 1294

Kalagadi 1320

Kalagadi 1340

Kalagadi 1369

Kalagadi 1413

Kalagadi 1423


32 thoughts on “The trips within the park.. what we saw Final..

  1. “Oh shut up and let me sleep” has to be my favourite caption here. I’m really enjoying these photos. I’ve always loved lions ever since I was a child. My first imaginary friend was a lion. And I can never get tired of watching the documentary “Christian the Lion.”

    • The Martial was special and because of my love or admiration for the eagles this one just takes my breath away… his attitude and power are so obvious he even scares me… a body builder of note..

    • Lorna thank you.. this was a special trip and we are already planning our next..
      We are going to be busy for the next six months or so as my computer program is now in beta testing stage.. and then will hit the market for sale.. (great excitement at all the enthusiasm and interest in it) but then it’s back to a bit of R and R and trips to the Parks..

  2. Thanks for the exciting ride with you …. the eagle – with the spotted chest … what a proud bird. Of course I love your lion shots.
    That close up … is fantastic. Magnificent animals.

    • I think the lion photos in full post appear tomorrow and the next day… enjoy..
      The Martial eagle is by far my favourite so powerful and proud .. can take down a small springbok .. beautiful graceful flyer as well

    • I love the baby ostrich myself having for nearly 6 years farmed with a small collection of these birds… the experiences I’ve had hand raising hundreds of the little ones is just out of this world…

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