More Kalahari Lion.. Photos I took..

These two big males where obviously following the scent of the females we knew to be in the area… we had seen their spoor as well and this had included the spoor of cubs. Now this could have been their offspring, or not, in which case the cubs may have been in danger as new males will often kill the cubs to ensure the females come into heat again sooner than they would have…

These two seemed far to at ease for this to be the case… I think they had been separated and were trying to catch up with their mates, a much need aid for capturing their food for the day… and males being what they are… these two would probably prefer to sit back with a beer and wait for the females to do all the work, before entering the feeding circle to take over the meal…

Their behaviour of tree scratching .. sniffing of grass for ID scent, as well as marking the territory themselves, tell me these were not displaced males or new encroaching males, but rather males in their own area wondering where the wives were….

Kalagadi 460

Kalagadi 461

Kalagadi 463

Kalagadi 464

Kalagadi 467

Kalagadi 469

Kalagadi 473

Kalagadi 476

Kalagadi 478

Kalagadi 480

Kalagadi 486

Kalagadi 490

Kalahari Lion.. Foot Prints in the Sand..

Kalahari Lion

  • The Kalahari lion is a sub-species that behaves and looks different from other lions as a result of its adaptation to the Kalahari environment.
  • Compared to other lions, it lives in smaller groups, covers larger home territories and hunts smaller prey. One of its favourite dishes is the gemsbok, but when they are not available lions also eat antelopes, porcupines and other small mammals.
  • The Kalahari lion is lighter and males have black manes.

And one of the funniest things I’ve seen is this video clip of the tenacity of the Black-backed Jackal… only 43 seconds to watch and enjoy… no blood shed just a funny encounter….

And what have I to offer, mere photos… foot prints in the sand… which led us to two “Big Boys”…

Kalagadi 433

Kalagadi 437

Kalagadi 441

Kalagadi 443

Kalagadi 447

Kalagadi 449

Kalagadi 454

Kalagadi 455

Kalagadi 456

Kalagadi 451