Kalahari Lion.. Foot Prints in the Sand..

Kalahari Lion

  • The Kalahari lion is a sub-species that behaves and looks different from other lions as a result of its adaptation to the Kalahari environment.
  • Compared to other lions, it lives in smaller groups, covers larger home territories and hunts smaller prey. One of its favourite dishes is the gemsbok, but when they are not available lions also eat antelopes, porcupines and other small mammals.
  • The Kalahari lion is lighter and males have black manes.

And one of the funniest things I’ve seen is this video clip of the tenacity of the Black-backed Jackal… only 43 seconds to watch and enjoy… no blood shed just a funny encounter….

And what have I to offer, mere photos… foot prints in the sand… which led us to two “Big Boys”…

Kalagadi 433

Kalagadi 437

Kalagadi 441

Kalagadi 443

Kalagadi 447

Kalagadi 449

Kalagadi 454

Kalagadi 455

Kalagadi 456

Kalagadi 451


43 thoughts on “Kalahari Lion.. Foot Prints in the Sand..

  1. speedy little jackal! These faces are priceless, so beautiful and majestic, beautiful photos, I like the foot print too!

  2. Very cool, Mr. S. Africa Rob! You’ve finally decided a video stream is worth a thousand still-shots!
    (Not that I don’t like the photos–quite the contrary.)

  3. Absolutely brilliant post with great photography! How wonderful to get so close, I once did safari in Botswana but back in the days before digital cameras and I wasn’t any good at photography at all – so wish I could go back and try again!

    • I could not resist sharing this.. if nothing else it shows some animals have a sense of humour… the small jackal that would just walk up to such a lion and nip his tail, must either know he can outrun him… or needs his head read… I had a good laugh at that clip…

  4. A stunning animal … and your photo have made him so majestic – wonderful captures. The last photo is priceless … he looks like he really enjoy life and a bit full of himself.

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