More Kalahari Lion.. Photos I took..

These two big males where obviously following the scent of the females we knew to be in the area… we had seen their spoor as well and this had included the spoor of cubs. Now this could have been their offspring, or not, in which case the cubs may have been in danger as new males will often kill the cubs to ensure the females come into heat again sooner than they would have…

These two seemed far to at ease for this to be the case… I think they had been separated and were trying to catch up with their mates, a much need aid for capturing their food for the day… and males being what they are… these two would probably prefer to sit back with a beer and wait for the females to do all the work, before entering the feeding circle to take over the meal…

Their behaviour of tree scratching .. sniffing of grass for ID scent, as well as marking the territory themselves, tell me these were not displaced males or new encroaching males, but rather males in their own area wondering where the wives were….

Kalagadi 460

Kalagadi 461

Kalagadi 463

Kalagadi 464

Kalagadi 467

Kalagadi 469

Kalagadi 473

Kalagadi 476

Kalagadi 478

Kalagadi 480

Kalagadi 486

Kalagadi 490


31 thoughts on “More Kalahari Lion.. Photos I took..

  1. These are totally amazing! (Ha, just like guys at the shopping mall, wondering where their wives are 😉 I am blown away by how close you are, incredible.

  2. Thanks Bulldog, I have been following your Safari closely – magnificient pictures of everything. I am hoping to get to the Kalahari in August. We really need to spend more time exploring our sub-continent rather than rushing off to the ‘overseas malls’ – although it is important to broaden our horizons as well 🙂 Once again I want to thank you for portraying our country in such a positive and colourful way. Laura

    • Laura it is a pleasure for me.. I’ve been to the USA and that’s about all, but I still am not tired of what there is to see here… and the Kalahari will see me so many more times. This trip really opened up a glorious experience as far as I’m concerned… and I would like to take longer this next time to be able to spend hours at one water hole… its a dream come true for me in any way… and the camping is not that expensive.. but thank you for the complement, we do live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world…

  3. Thanks for bringing back my Madikwe experience, Bulldog. A big fella like that walked by our jeep with blood on his mouth – satisfied and heading home. I could smell him!

    • I have photos being posted tomorrow of one lying on the road not 4ft from us… such a great experience to get that close… felt I wanted to put my hand out and ruffle his mane… glad this has reminded you of a great time in Africa, specially South Africa…

    • Thanks Gina… these lion are just so much easier to capture in the Kalahari with the barren conditions… but these were close and allowed a bit of photo composition…

    • I’m sorry to disappoint but I only use a Fujifilm HS10 camera.. none of the big expensive cameras for me (can’t afford them) the HS has a 24 – 128 zoom (i.e. 30x) with a 10 meg storage… but good enough for me…

    • Yes they were probably doing just that… or hiding right behind us and we did not see them…
      The look of love or just a warning… I often wonder whats in their heads when they look at you that way…

    • Yes in a vehicle.. completely safe… unless he decided to jump on the back… which is not likely… and if I was on foot, the photos would have been taken of birds at the top of a tree rather than of

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