34 thoughts on “Lion close ups.. Kalahari Lions.

    • Thank you… a few good photos came out of the shoot.. but when lying in the shade and one is shooting with such bright sun light.. it was difficult… I wonder if one could get them to move and pose.???

  1. oh my gosh – brings a tear to the eye – they are gorgeous. I’ve said this before, but I hope you realise how lucky you are to see all this wildlife – we’re lucky to see birds! We have outstanding scenery but not the wildlife – which in some respects is good, nothing to “eat” us while we’re out hiking or biking but still – bloody beautiful. Good job and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much.. sometimes I wonder if we are not a bit complacent about the privilege we have been given… Gods animals that we can see in their natural habitat, where others have to view them in cages .. but then your scenery in NZ is something I would like to view first hand…

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