A Sight For Sore Eyes…

On Thursday my wife made me see the Doctor.. now this is not something I enjoy.. but I’ve been suffering from blood shot eyes now for a couple of months and they have just got so bad, it looked as though I was bleeding to death via the eyes.. Seeing I had my last drink 25 years ago, she felt it was a bit late to be demonstrating the effects of a hard night out…so off to the Doctor.

The Doctor was concerned and using her (yes I see a woman Doctor, there fingers are thinner for prostrate checks) mighty influence phoned the eye specialist, who would take me immediately. So off to the Eye unit at Unitas Hospital we went. I was sped into his rooms as though it was an emergency, either that or I had caught a good day when he had only a few patients. Her concern was it might be Glaucoma… Okay, it wasn’t, but it was an inflammation on the back of the eye..

Now this has caused my eyesight to suffer a little and I have been having difficulty seeing through the view finder on my camera. He picked up I also have cataracts, and that he is going to remove next month when the inflammation is cured. So eye drops it is, they burn when put in, but the eye sight is slowly improving, so the inflammation that has adjusted my focal length is getting back to normal. (No autofocus or manual focus on this old model unfortunately)

Being tired of all the strain to read and look at computer I decided to take a ride at a local reserve Rietvlei, just for a change. Naturally took my camera with and discovered I could see next to nothing in the view finder… so it was a case of auto focus and when the view finder square changed shape I pressed the button… and below is a few results of what I captured… not bad for a semi blind old fart…

rietvlei 099

rietvlei 127

rietvlei 117

rietvlei 178

rietvlei 049

rietvlei 132

rietvlei 087

rietvlei 186

rietvlei 229