A Sight For Sore Eyes…

On Thursday my wife made me see the Doctor.. now this is not something I enjoy.. but I’ve been suffering from blood shot eyes now for a couple of months and they have just got so bad, it looked as though I was bleeding to death via the eyes.. Seeing I had my last drink 25 years ago, she felt it was a bit late to be demonstrating the effects of a hard night out…so off to the Doctor.

The Doctor was concerned and using her (yes I see a woman Doctor, there fingers are thinner for prostrate checks) mighty influence phoned the eye specialist, who would take me immediately. So off to the Eye unit at Unitas Hospital we went. I was sped into his rooms as though it was an emergency, either that or I had caught a good day when he had only a few patients. Her concern was it might be Glaucoma… Okay, it wasn’t, but it was an inflammation on the back of the eye..

Now this has caused my eyesight to suffer a little and I have been having difficulty seeing through the view finder on my camera. He picked up I also have cataracts, and that he is going to remove next month when the inflammation is cured. So eye drops it is, they burn when put in, but the eye sight is slowly improving, so the inflammation that has adjusted my focal length is getting back to normal. (No autofocus or manual focus on this old model unfortunately)

Being tired of all the strain to read and look at computer I decided to take a ride at a local reserve Rietvlei, just for a change. Naturally took my camera with and discovered I could see next to nothing in the view finder… so it was a case of auto focus and when the view finder square changed shape I pressed the button… and below is a few results of what I captured… not bad for a semi blind old fart…

rietvlei 099

rietvlei 127

rietvlei 117

rietvlei 178

rietvlei 049

rietvlei 132

rietvlei 087

rietvlei 186

rietvlei 229


70 thoughts on “A Sight For Sore Eyes…

  1. Hope your eyes get better soon. I would never have guessed from your photos that you’re having eye problems. So many great and beautiful photos in this post too. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your eyes, my friend.

    By the way, for some reason I’d been kicked off of following your blog–and I thought I was behaving!–so I just clicked on “Follow” again. This time I hope I’m allowed to keep following as I enjoy your site a lot.


    • Russ one thing .. luckily I can’t kick you off… so it wasn’t me… WP decided once that all 234 that I follow don’t need to send me emails about posting… I felt lonely, un-wanted and wondered what I’d done wrong… one of the other blogs told me to check the reader/blogs I follow/ edit… there I found everyone and the setting had been changed to no email… I rushed through resetting everyone and the emails rolled in once again… I wonder how often that happens to others and ones normal commenters think you’ve stopped posting..? Glad you’re back…

  3. Glad to hear it was nothing more serious Bulldog. My husband had cataracts removed off of both his eyes a few years ago and was shocked at how much better he could see after the surgeries. Even with your eye inflammation you still take a mean photo! 🙂

    • Thank you for the complement.. I will pass it on to the camera.. I just pointed in the right direction and when I noticed the focus square came on .. I pressed the button… luck…
      The eyes are already coming right from the inflammation.. and to be honest I look forward to the op.. want to see perfectly again…

  4. I’m so glad you saw the doctor! Your eyes are nothing to mess with…I’m sure your wife has had plenty to say on this subject! Your photos are great…what will you do when you get your full vision restored. Wow! I love the little Whydah! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Very unique. Keep taking care of yourself, BD. 🙂

  5. Not bad at all, Bulldog. I was born with cataracts – they discovered them when I was a kid, my brother had them too. His were removed in his 20s and I waited until I was 45 because so I could hang onto the ability to focus close as long as possible. When they removed the first one it was literally like someone removed a grey film from my vision. Colors became vivid and saturate. I could see details in the shadows. It changed my photographic eye in a good way. I’m excited for you – it’s a good change!

    • Thank you.. I have noticed that Linda has told me there is something wrong when I edit a photo.. I’ve been struggling to pick up colour differences… I’m assured that all this will change so actually look forward to the op… thank you for the heads up on your sight.. makes me feel more assured of success….

      • I wish I could have taken a photo of what my eye saw as they replaced the lens – amazing color in swirls. Even at that moment with my damaged lens out I could see the brightness of the world. I wish I had done it decades earlier.

  6. Which just goes to show, you are a natural, these are great shots. Just think, you could have someone pooping on your back instead. I truly am sorry to read of your eye problems,that is not pleasant and I hope you have a speedy recovery now that they have made the diagnosis. Good luck bulldog!

    • I’m sure that all will be right soon… thank you for the sentiments… at least I have a good library of photos to fall back on if it takes too long to get back out with the camera…

  7. Great pics ! I focused most of my attention on the zebra, as they are one of my favorite animals, I have pics of them hanging in my living room. Nice !

    • Thank you… woman are just as stubborn… wow maybe I shouldn’t have said that, might just cause a riot… do realise that the eyes are important.. I don’t mind not hearing but not seeing.?? would be too much for me…

  8. I’m so glad Linda cracked the whip, Bulldog. You must take care of your eyes so we can get more of theses glorious pics (yes – it’s all about us) 😉 I laughed at your female doctor/prostate joke because our Prime Minister’s partner recently made a similar joke and the media had a field day with it (political correctness gone crazy!)

    Your eyes are so important (but you don’t need me to tell you this) so I’m really glad you’re having this operation. My hubby only has one eye (he lost the other in an assault) so I’m always on his case to make sure his remaining eye is clear and healthy.

    The pictures are amazing – my favourite is the female giant kingfisher 😀

    • Thanks Dianne… it was the whip that got me there .. she cracks a mean one…
      The eyes have been going off lately and the cataracts were sort of blamed for it.. the inflammation on the back of the eye was a surprise even for the specialist… but it has improved enormously over the last day or two, and I made the mistake of telling Linda that maybe the cataracts can wait a few more months… we are still looking for the roof…
      Yes I do realise that my sight needs looking after… if I had of listened to the ear people when they made the suggestions my hearing might have been so much better today than what it is…
      I think one just does not want to admit that I am getting older and things are packing up… will have to see the Dr more often.. mind you she is not bad looking, so I need the eyes…

  9. Pretty darn good for a “fart”…NOT an “old” fart!……………So glad that your getting care and will be on the mend before you know it…..Congrats and “high-fives” to Linda for getting you there :)……the images are awesome…(Love the zebra)….I’m scared to think how magnificent your work will be with greatly improved vision…WATCH OUT WORLD!!

    • Thanks Suzanne… she had an up hill battle to get me there .. but the threats she made… I had no option… been noticing the eyes have been going off for a few months now .. and to be honest can’t wait for the repair job.. always had good eye sight.. want it back…

    • Not me I just pointed the camera and when I saw the square change I pressed the button… seems like the camera only needs me to hold it.. it’ll do the rest… but thank you for the complement…

  10. Sounds like you have the same problem with your eyes that I had last year. Thank goodness your wife knew what was best for you. After the op, you’ll be so happy with your improved sight. These photos are amazing for a “semi blind old fart. ” 😆

    • It was the inflammation that every one was panicking about.. that seems to be coming right already and the ops will be done next month.. all being well I be able to see so well again Linda will have to put a chain on me, so I don’t go chasing all the nice dollies I can see…

      • Yes, my eye doc in SA was horrified at how bad my infection was. he said he didn’t know how I’d managed to see to play the piano. The antibiotic drops worked quickly, and I also had to wash my eyelids with a solution of Johnson’s baby shampoo. Glad that’s all behind me, and it’s great not to be wearing contact lenses any more. I give thanks daily. 🙂

  11. Damn good shots for a semi blind old fart :). No seriously, I’m glad you’re getting your eyes taken care of because we need you to keep taking gorgeous photos and educating us about the animals of South Africa!!

  12. Beautiful field of flowers. Lovely selection of photos. All the best with the cataract ops

    I am having my eyes tested tomorrow because I cannot read small print anymore, I hope it is nothing more than old age getting hold of me.

  13. Sorry to hear about your eyes, Bulldog. Don’t strain them to much. I had a kind of simular problem a few years ago. I had to read a lot because of my study and than the problems started, just like yours. The bloody eye (I had just one) scared me the most, but after all the examination of the hospital, I also had to buy new glasses and with al lot of rest for my eyes (no reading, no study 😦 they got back to normal.. well.. I lost a great number of sight in one eye, but it’s stabilized. Hope it will work out fine for you. Take care.
    Now the good part of this comment: you did a very good job on this photo’s. Nobody can see the eye problem 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement… just shows the cameras won’t even need us soon… you’ll tell them what you want and they will go out and get it for you…

  14. Most beautiful pictures, Bulldog, I am so glad your wife forced you to the doc and I’m glad you’re getting treatment for your problem. Your eyes will be all bright and sparkly soon 🙂

  15. Oh Bulldog ~ just of course had to read about the eyes — Have an excellent ophthalmologist in the family 🙂 so if you need ANYTHING ~ you holler. It sounds like it will all be fine. Are they treating with steroid or antibiotic drops? Inflammation rather than true infection? ~ Routine cataracts are very good surgery these days — again – write me private if you have questions. Love to you and hope soon resolved so you can get right back to business with your camera… These shots are darling. I’m a zombie — more action here than I am used to… new city and can’t seem to sleep…. but will hang in…
    Goodnnight dear friend!

  16. I hope the infection clear up pronto and the cataract op is a breeze. Been there, done that and the vision is so much better.
    Are zebra white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?

    • Depends on which layer you paint first… if you start with the black it’s …(laughing too hard to finish this off…) I’ve always want to say that… Yes Linda’s been through the cataract job and it was a breeze and she sees so much better again that actually I look forward to it…

  17. the photos are as fantastic as always & sooooo glad your eyesight is going to be OK! It’s something I have to worry about – glaucoma runs i the family. So far, I;m OK, except I need glasses & can’t afford them yet…

    • I have always had damn good eyesight… lately it just seemed to be slipping… but I’m scared of seeing Doctors so normally wait till things are advanced… any way it turned out ok and a small op for the cataracts and I should be back to normal… watch out for that glaucoma.. it can sneak up on you I’m told…

      • it does – I get tested every year….
        My aunt had an op for cataracts she didn’t know she had. She said the result was startling – suddenly the world was filled with bright whites instead of varying shades of dull and yellows

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