Black-backed jackal.. Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas)

Although this is the most lightly built of jackals, it is the most aggressive, having been observed to singly kill animals many times its own size, and its pack relationships are more quarrelsome.

Black-backed jackals are small, fox-like canids and are the smallest of the three species called jackal. They measure 30–48 cm (12–19 in) in shoulder height and 60–90 cm (24–35 in) in length. Weight varies male jackals 6.8-9.5 kg (15-21 lb.), while females weigh 5.4–10 kg (12-22 lb.).

Black-backed jackals are omnivores, which feed on invertebrates, such as beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, termites, millipedes, spiders and scorpions. They will also feed on mammals, such as rodents, hares and young antelopes. They will feed on carrion, lizards, and snakes.

A pair of black-backed jackals in the Kalahari desert was observed to kill and devour a kori bustard and, on a separate occasion, a black mamba via prolonged harassment of the snake and crushing of the snake’s head. Brave, tenacious little fellows…

Sounds made by black-backed jackals include yelling, yelping, woofing, whining, growling and cackling. When calling to one another, they emit an abrupt yelp followed by a succession of shorter yelps. Jackals of the same family will answer each other’s calls, while ignoring those of strangers.

Kalagadi 245

Kalagadi 263

Kalagadi 288

Kalagadi 290

Kalagadi 326

Kalagadi 909

Kalagadi 911

Kalagadi 910

And then for a lucky capture.. this fellow was not keen on getting mud on his paws and having witnessed a Blue wildebeest jumping over the mud he decided to do the same… and I pressed the button at the right time…

Kalagadi 1159

After drinking he left the waterhole via some wood lying next to the hole… he got mud on his feet then… I wonder if he just didn’t want to dirty the water.??

Kalagadi 1160

Kalagadi 1166