Black-backed jackal.. Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas)

Although this is the most lightly built of jackals, it is the most aggressive, having been observed to singly kill animals many times its own size, and its pack relationships are more quarrelsome.

Black-backed jackals are small, fox-like canids and are the smallest of the three species called jackal. They measure 30–48 cm (12–19 in) in shoulder height and 60–90 cm (24–35 in) in length. Weight varies male jackals 6.8-9.5 kg (15-21 lb.), while females weigh 5.4–10 kg (12-22 lb.).

Black-backed jackals are omnivores, which feed on invertebrates, such as beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, termites, millipedes, spiders and scorpions. They will also feed on mammals, such as rodents, hares and young antelopes. They will feed on carrion, lizards, and snakes.

A pair of black-backed jackals in the Kalahari desert was observed to kill and devour a kori bustard and, on a separate occasion, a black mamba via prolonged harassment of the snake and crushing of the snake’s head. Brave, tenacious little fellows…

Sounds made by black-backed jackals include yelling, yelping, woofing, whining, growling and cackling. When calling to one another, they emit an abrupt yelp followed by a succession of shorter yelps. Jackals of the same family will answer each other’s calls, while ignoring those of strangers.

Kalagadi 245

Kalagadi 263

Kalagadi 288

Kalagadi 290

Kalagadi 326

Kalagadi 909

Kalagadi 911

Kalagadi 910

And then for a lucky capture.. this fellow was not keen on getting mud on his paws and having witnessed a Blue wildebeest jumping over the mud he decided to do the same… and I pressed the button at the right time…

Kalagadi 1159

After drinking he left the waterhole via some wood lying next to the hole… he got mud on his feet then… I wonder if he just didn’t want to dirty the water.??

Kalagadi 1160

Kalagadi 1166

55 thoughts on “Black-backed jackal.. Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

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  2. I suspect a jackal must be closely related to a coyote? Coyotes are plentiful where I live, and I know the howl and yip, too. These photos of jackals are fascinating to me. Although not very beautiful in my eyes, they are still mesmerizing!

  3. woo-hoo! xllent shot jumping the water, NICE JOB! What an amazing opportunity to get all of these beautiful shots bulldog.

  4. Sorry, for coming around so late .. massive problems with my provider, they had problems with some email addresses today and I was one of them. Great shots .. and interesting reading, but they look so skinny. Good that they like snakes … maybe we can be friends after all. Funny long ears. Thanks for this one.

    • Thank you for such a complement.. some how I don’t think they are good enough… but I do it for fun and relaxation as my core business is the computer program I’ve designed that is unique in the world… it is nearing completion..(Beta test stage) and we will be marketing soon… hopefully it will make me a little stronger financially so that I can afford slightly better cameras to get to photo sell stage… but I do appreciate the complement…thank you…

  5. How funny is this… didn’t want to dirty the water?? You think? How clever this Black-backed Jackal is then .. .wow!! Love to you bd — how are you doing eye-wise? xRL

    • The eyes are improving in leaps and bounds… but learnt this morning I can’t have the eye op .. we first have to get my BP under control as the Dr says it is now critically high… don’t know why…I’m such an easy going person… (Linda does not agree) .. I have tried to convince them I need another holiday in the Kalahari, but my business partners won’t hear of it… slave drivers… being the only person that can test and understand my computer program, I have to now be here… the program is now in Beta testing stage and the marketing is now eminent, so no trips for me.. nose to the grind stone to get it up and ready for the International market that is awaiting it… either that or I’m going to be starving soon…

    • They are so well camouflager.. yet so brave and forward… I actually love to watch them as they try everything to snatch a meal away from animals far bigger than what they are…

    • They have the cheek of a dog far bigger than what they are… even to just nipping in and biting a lion feeding on a kill, just to snatch a mouthful of food…

    • Thank you the jump was a great capture… the mamba.. deadly, I’ve encountered a few in my time in the bush… I certainly don’t hang around to get in his way… all other snakes don’t bother me at all… even try to get the cobras to puff up their necks for the photo op, but the mamba… some one else can photograph him…

    • I like to think it was skill… but I have to admit it was luck.. I was focused on him wondering what he was up to and the jump and press just was a reaction… my Son asked if I caught it and a quick look at the screen said no.. how happy was I when I down loaded to see that I had…

    • Funny I wondered that myself.. do they always win against the black mamba?? Having been up close to the mamba and seen their speed and aggression, one has to be quick or you’re dead… so I’m sure that they don’t always win that battle.. but they are tenacious little fellows and I am always fascinated watching them in the wild.. awake and on the look out for any opportunity that comes their way.. In the Kruger park I watched one trying to seize the chance to snatch campers meat they were about to braai.. in and out so fast.. really had the people on their toes…

    • Jumping Jack-al flash… may I use that title in a competition?? I’ve been encouraged to enter that photo in the Getaway Magazine and I’ve been looking for a title..

        • Thank you so much.. you know what it’s like .. you don’t think your photo is good enough, but the kids are being insistent… I’ve tried telling them a photo taken with a Fujifilm camera has never won a competition backed by Canon… they say there is always a first time… but to keep the peace I will send it in and your caption is just perfect … thank you…

  6. Sembra impossibile che un animale così esile possa essere invece molto aggressivo!!
    Bellissime foto, sempre pronto per scattare nei momenti migliori, complimenti 🙂
    Ciao, Pat

    • It is such a feeling when one gets that unexpected photo.. a friend of mine got a photo the other day of a Rhino galloping down the road after the others … when he processed the photo he had captured the rhino with all four feet off the road… it’s a brilliant photo.. but just a lucky shot…thanks for the comment…

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