The Bagpipes.. The Benoni High School Pipe Band.

What is it about the sound of the Bagpipes that makes the hair on your neck stand up? Why did the Scots follow these sounds unabated into battle? What is it that makes certain tunes played on these instruments so haunting? I have no answers, but what I can say… I love this instrument…

Recently.. as in yesterday… the Benoni HS Pipe Band played a t a function I attended.. when they started to warm up, that sound drew me to where they were… This Band is the only South African band to have become World Champions, an achievement they managed at the World Pipe Band Championship in 2009 held in Glasgow. Needless to say they are and have been the South African Champions for 18 consecutive times… now that’s some record..

They have all the sounds and movements of a championship winner… and the drums and drummers, must rank high on anyone’s list…  I just loved this band and will do my best to see them play again… I took some photos of them warming up and ..boy that bag with all those pipes sticking out looks like a hard days work to me…