Life is like a camera..

I am just too tired to post more than this…



56 thoughts on “Life is like a camera..

    • Yes I’m sick of the questions… no I’m not everyone’s concern is wonderful… saw the Dr BP took a nose dive to 105/60 and that beat the hell out of me… she has changed the medication and we will have to wait to see if things improve… not resting enough, just too much on my mind, and had another demo today so been at it all day (but the people we have demoed to are ecstatic and want the program so all good for the health) Follow Linda’s orders.. no way, she doesn’t follow mine… (I lie .. doing as much as I can as per her instructions) But not easy to slow down when marketing is now at the start… can’t tell a potential client “see you in a week or two”

      • Exciting, exciting times for you! Wow! That was a big nose dive on the BP….I wish hubby’s would nose dive a little…it was a little better after he got back to Indiana…but maybe that’s because I stayed here in Florida ?!?….So happy that people are super excited about your product πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)…Bulldog…..I knew him when….

        • I know your new business venture is very important and extremely exciting, but your health is more important than anything else Bulldog!! No messing around – do what you are told :). Our blogging lives would not be complete without our daily dose of the Bulldog right Suzanne?

    • Thanks Robyn… just at the brick wall energy wise… the high BP is now low BP, and I feel as though I can’t lift an arm or leg… adjusting the pills now…

      • oh gosh… i have naturally very low BP so can imagine what you may be dealing with… hope it gets sorted with the medications soon… are you feeling better in eye? much love dear friend ~ Rx

        • Yes eyes are much better… but will still have to have cataract ops… BP was 175/120 after medication dropped to 105/60 I couldn’t raise an arm… pills have been adjusted and we wait to see an improvement… thanks for the concern .. love back my friend…

  1. I know what you mean. It’s tough to work on a new business and still play around with blogging. I’ve been hitting a wall of sorts lately while hubby and I work on a lifestyle change of our own. Great quote….just what I needed today πŸ™‚

    • Glad it meant something to you… my BP is gone from extreme high to low now and it is just a struggle to pick up an arm or leg… seem to prefer the high BP…

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