Cape Turtle Dove.. Ring-necked Dove.. Half-Collared Dove

(Streptopelia capicola) Cape Turtle Dove.

My recent (although it feels a long time ago now) visit to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park gave me a new out look at these common birds… Their congregating around watering holes makes them seem to be showing off to the local Jackal as a meal for the having.. yet their fast flight and escape tactics are amazing to watch.

An early morning start had me viewing a water hole surrounded by these birds.. and then the Namaqua Sandgrouse came in to join them.. a Black Backed Jackal kept dodging out of a shadowy hideaway trying to capture his breakfast.. their flight was great to watch and one was not sure who to root for.. the Jackal or the Dove..

The Sandgrouse were just too fast with their ascent and descent, but the doves were a bit more co-operative.. I caught a few doves in flight as shown in the photos.. sat riveted waiting to capture a Jackal/ Dove encounter… but no luck this trip..

Kalagadi 940

Kalagadi 938

Kalagadi 937

Kalagadi 936

Kalagadi 930

Kalagadi 929

Kalagadi 928

Yes keep looking the last photo the flying bird was so fast, even I can’t see him…

45 thoughts on “Cape Turtle Dove.. Ring-necked Dove.. Half-Collared Dove

  1. I was so interested in the idea that these doves, a little more ordinary and very much like the doves that hang out in my own backyard, still need to keep one eye out for a jackal! Now that’s something they don’t encounter in my yard. 🙂 Although, we do occasionally lose a dove to a baby hawk. I happen to really like doves. I enjoyed them at their water hole!

    • They are quite a sight to see en masse around the water holes… skiting in and out and trying to drink between times… one seldom has the camera in the right direction to capture the movements..

    • The cycle of life… I backed them both but the only way a jackal is going to catch one is if it is sick and on it’s way out in any case… It’s like the lion they only catch the weakest…

  2. oh wow ~ so neat even if Jackal plan did not come to pass – these are super shots! Hoping you are feeling stronger ~ meds sorted -and bp where it needs to be for you. Sending Love and Light ~ R

    • Thanks Robyn … things are definitely getting back to normal… hope they don’t hold up the cataract ops too long as we are getting close to critical stage with the computer program now and that will take all my time with marketing setting up and so on… gonna need my eyes for that…

    • Yes Alex.. so many fellow photographers have managed to capture Jackal jumping after the Doves etc… I was hoping… but no luck, the Jackal was either too full or lazy…

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