The King… The Martial Eagle..

Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus).

I recently.. in fact not long ago.. posted on this Eagle.. (Click to see the post and the details of the bird) but my recent visit to the Kalahari gives me the opportunity to add some photos…

The one bird was at a water hole, obviously to slate its thirst, the other was of one we saw with it’s kill in a tree, this is a lucky capture and one I will never forget… here are the photos…

Kalagadi 1358

Kalagadi 1381

Kalagadi 1370

Kalagadi 1369

Kalagadi 026

Kalagadi 010

Kalagadi 002


59 thoughts on “The King… The Martial Eagle..

  1. How poor the other one… But this is the nature world… One is being king and the other one being food of him… This is tragic of course… But you can’t believe, this king made me smile with his dots… 🙂 Like wearing pyjamas! Sorry King!
    Thank you dear Rob, they were amazing photographs… Love, nia

  2. What a majestic creature! In Seattle, on the 520 bridge, there’s a eagles’ nest. Normally, you can see the couple looking down at the cars, perched up high on poles. Las time I drove through the bridge, the male and the female were sitting together so close they looked lost in a romantic moment 🙂

    • I wish I did.. we have had a few people offer opinions… I guess at a baby springbok… something they are well known to take… or a baby steenbok… They have been known to take on some antelope that it’s hard to believe it would…

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