Blue Wildebeest .. and their young ..

Months ago I posted on the Blue Wildebeest and shared my photos taken in the Kruger National Park… these are from the Kalahari Gemsbok Park…

Kalagadi 515

The early morning shots have such a wonderful colour in the Kalahari..

Kalagadi 174

Kalagadi 159

Kalagadi 175

To see all the young was a privilege.. obviously they are doing well in the desert…

Kalagadi 1221

Kalagadi 1224

Kalagadi 1218

Kalagadi 1213

54 thoughts on “Blue Wildebeest .. and their young ..

    • I knew someone was going to ask that.. and my standard answer would have been because they aren’t red… but it’s derived from a conspicuous silvery-blue sheen, that is not always easily seen… they tend to look more of a brown in the morning light to almost a grey at midday.. but that seems difficult to capture on camera… when in big herds you see the blue far easier, take a photo… and they look grey… but they do look blue to the naked eye..

    • They are on the thin side.. but when you see these guys run.. those legs have a lot of power in them… great runners and most of the time for nothing else but fun…

    • Now you are delving into my mind set… so many times I will watch animals and birds and wonder what is going on in their heads… these look like they are wondering what to watch on TV tonight…

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