A Cactus.. in a Pot..

This cactus was growing in a pot at one of the Golf Courses we visited whilst in the Kalahari. The flowers only opened when in direct sunlight. I have no idea what cactus it is and anyone who knows … please tell me in a comment… I just loved this plant….

len 124

len 123











len 639





len 120

len 122

len 636

len 637

The centre piece of the flower is so intricate in design….

len 638-001

73 thoughts on “A Cactus.. in a Pot..

  1. I agree with LuAnn….it appears to be a barrel cactus. They were just starting to bud when the snow in Tucson hit. I’ll be posting a photo once I have better internet. We’re in New Mexico now waiting out another snowstorm….rocking and rolling….and not in a fun way….50 mile per hour wind gusts, driving snow…not fun in an RV. BUT its an adventure 🙂

  2. The cactus reminds me of the life we all live. Though things gets rough sometime, we survive and something beautiful comes out of it just like the amazing flowers in this pictures.

  3. Such pretty flowers from such a prickly plant! Seems to me some cactuses have healing properties, I don’t know if this one does because I don’t know the variety.

  4. I am surrounded by cactus, your shots are magnificent! Since I don’t see a whole cactus shot it’s hard to say but perhaps a barrel cactus?

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