To Blog or to write.. that is the question.??

On the 17th of January 2012, I started to write articles on Street Articles. Why? to improve my English and to teach myself to write shorter articles mainly needed for the computer program. (Help files and manuals).. Did I enjoy it.? Yes, and after penning 103 articles I became the top author on the site..

Capture 14

Well guess what, I wrote my last article in November last year and although I’ve dropped off the top 30 ranking I still receive reads… the total as at today being.. 98 255.. can you believe it… but I only received 1618 comments on my articles…


Now as for blogging.. I started on the 12 of February 2012, which WP reminded me by sending me a chocolate cake…(I wish) and I’ve just noticed I have just past the 30 000 views… but what strikes me the most is the comments…9 814 on wordpress. Now I’m thinking, if I tallied up all the words I’ve received, and those I’ve written… maybe I could have written a further 218 articles and still been number 1 author… No, then I wouldn’t have met all of you, and that has been far more fun than trying to be intelligent and writing articles of substance…

But wow I never started this for views, but for fun, so I must thank all of you for popping in to view my photos and reading what I try to share…

58 thoughts on “To Blog or to write.. that is the question.??

  1. I have never heard of Street Articles. I may check into it myself. As for your blog, I am so happy I was introduced to it so am very glad to hear you are continuing. 🙂

    • Yes SA became hard work when I took up position 1.. so many articles needing penning etc.. but here I find there is no pressure… but if you love to write that is definitely a place to be..

  2. You and I started blogging about the same time…..I got my cake a couple weeks before you…haha. Congrats on all your followers. This blogging thing can get rather addictive….sure is fun and I love meeting bloggers like yourself from around the world. Keep those lovely photos coming!

  3. One cool dude on that photo … no wonder you are still going strong over there too.
    Rob, you have to stay here with us … with your humor and wit – don’t even think about passing over to the other side.
    I have got use to you now. You have done brilliantly good with your blog …. Keep on do what you do very good; sticking around in my world. You’re very much needed.

    • Thanks Robyn… I do enjoy it here.. on the articles everyone gets too serious… I like the fun… hope all the things are beginning to fall into place and muscle control and all the rest is coming together..

  4. You wouldn’t dare spend all of your time writing intelligent articles…we wouldn’t stand for it! Congratulations on you many views and comment total…WOW! ( and that was just you and me talking back and forth)…

  5. That’s great about all your articles and all the people who have read them! I think it’s important for writers to have a presence in several arenas as it were, so the blog is important too. I was worried when I was reading your post that you were going to say you were giving up the blog!

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