Where am I.????

When one gets a call from your son, at 11am, saying he has arranged seats for us on their company plane, at 3pm, to fly down for the weekend, you pack a bag and rush to the airport. This happened to us on Friday last.

Len 20-09-2012 059

So here we are back in the outback, but, the weekend has been extended, ‘cause at present we can’t get a return flight. This is no fault of son, who is enjoying having his Mom with him for a few extra days… but the problem is beyond everyone’s control, and so we continue to enjoy the visit with our Grand daughter and her parents… Kalahari temperatures are showing no signs of abating.. and one sleeps with the aircon on and often take dips in the pool. When will we be back.?? Don’t know… have to wait for an opening on the airplane .. so continue to miss me,  in the words of Arnie “I’ll be back”…

Len 04-10-2012 004