Where am I.????

When one gets a call from your son, at 11am, saying he has arranged seats for us on their company plane, at 3pm, to fly down for the weekend, you pack a bag and rush to the airport. This happened to us on Friday last.

Len 20-09-2012 059

So here we are back in the outback, but, the weekend has been extended, ‘cause at present we can’t get a return flight. This is no fault of son, who is enjoying having his Mom with him for a few extra days… but the problem is beyond everyone’s control, and so we continue to enjoy the visit with our Grand daughter and her parents… Kalahari temperatures are showing no signs of abating.. and one sleeps with the aircon on and often take dips in the pool. When will we be back.?? Don’t know… have to wait for an opening on the airplane .. so continue to miss me,  in the words of Arnie “I’ll be back”…

Len 04-10-2012 004


43 thoughts on “Where am I.????

    • We’re back now.. only flew down friday to return monday morning.. guess what.. there was a problem at the airstrip.. to do with fire fighting equipment.. so our ticket to home or our horse to ride could not fly in… so we had to wait till today.. so 2 days became 7… wonderful.. just not prepared for 7.. no computer etc… so had to use sons and I return today to over 600 email notifications of posts… no hope to get through them… and couldn’t lift emails there.. so blocked on all sides but we enjoyed every minute…

      • it sounds fantastic! It was meant to be. It is good to take a tech break even if it is forced. I am glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. 600 is just too many to deal with!

  1. I HAD missed you. When someone posts and interacts regularly, and then suddenly goes quiet, they leave a gap! Glad it’s for a good thing though, sounds like a great trip. See you when you get back!

    • Thank you.. the trip was meant to be for the weekend but things went skew at the airstrip and a 2 day journey became 7,,, but when one is not prepared for it, it becomes a great laugh making do…

    • Well thanks it was great fun.. got back today and find 600 odd emails notifying me of posts… afraid I just had to delete most of them as I would never catch up… but it was great to set off for a 2 day weekend with the family and end up a 7 day trip..

    • It was a great surprise my first reaction was to decline.. but if one doesn’t do things on the spur of the moment.. then ones getting old.. so went for it.. 2 days turned into 7 but what a great 7 days it was….

  2. I was wondering where you’ve been. Perhaps I can send you some of my bountiful cold weather to cool you off. Enjoy the time with family and look forward to your return 🙂

    • Thanks Lorna… I’m back and already missing the place.. even though we were not prepared for a 7 day trip but rather a 2 day.. but it was magic…

  3. Just this morning I hit your blog …. thought I’d missed a notification!! I am so jealous – relax and enjoy, we will still be here on your return 🙂 Laura

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