Grey Heron

The Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea),

I’ve been watching
I’ve been waiting
In the shadows all my time
I’ve been searching
I’ve been living
For tomorrows all my life

Lyrics >> The Rasmus – In The Shadows Lyrics

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27 thoughts on “Grey Heron

  1. brilliant shots again … I can’t remember when I saw a heron in the wild last. I think it was in 1989 at Salt Spring Island, BC – in Canada – a stunning bird too

    • I could not live without my nature sightings… I think that is why my kids came back from the USA… they said there was not enough thorn trees and all that goes with it…

  2. Such spindly legs but his beak is just right for scooping a fish out of the water! I love your photo’s and wish I knew as much about bird species as you do. Thank you.

    • Been studying birds for years and still know very little.. but yes the beak is perfectly made to catch fish, frogs and all the other things they eat…

  3. I hope to see one of these come back to Colchester to take a photograph of it. Evidently these signify that a river is healthy and clean which the Colchester rivers are.

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