Elephant… a few close ups…


Tue 26-07-2011 074




tue 19-07-2011 031A

Mon 25-07-2011 314


66 thoughts on “Elephant… a few close ups…

        • Lived with them for a long time.. can read the signs, some I hit the accelerator and shoot on by, others will stand and almost have a conversation with you… it’s all in the eyes and ears…

          • Ah, for some reason I had this mental image of you on foot. A tin box capable of getting out of there fast does make one bolder!
            They can really move, though. I remember in Gorongosa nearly blowing up my engine with over-revving in reverse to get clear of a charging bull.

            • I spent 6 and a half months in GONAREZHOU NATIONAL PARK in Rhodesia and had firstly a bull elephant that joined our camp site.. he would steal our oranges and was quite happy when we walked about… but we were chased by one when on foot.. it was just the three of us.. the Tsetse fly officer my assistant and myself.. I couldn’t run as fast as the officer but I could outrun my assistant (That was good enough for me)… who without knowing ripped of his shirt hoping for extra speed to over take me.. the elephant found his shirt and attacked it and left us alone… we never did find that shirt again… but then we were a lot younger then and instead of just keeping quiet and letting him get on his way.. we were a bit noisy.. that he didn’t like…

              • What an experience! I think the shirt was a lucky break. I have often heard tales from game guide friends among others, of how persistent an enraged elephant can be in pursuing a quarry. They don’t lose interest until they have done some serious ‘donnering’. Not like the mock-charges they sometimes put on.

  1. Bob, you really know how bring your fantastic world to me …. fantastic animals with such a humble souls and still so powerful.
    How can anyone hurt them and kill them??? Your header photo is stunning …

    • I hate to see them in a zoo .. yet I know for education it is necessary… yet having seen them in their natural habitat all my life, I suppose that is the reason…

    • Very wise and wide awake mammals.. I love to get up close to those that allow you.. had some close calls with those that looked friendly but weren’t but it is always an adrenaline rush…

      • I always thought they were approachable…but I stands to reason that some would have had bad experiences with humans and well let’s face it, they have the memory of elephants… 🙂

  2. the most beautiful animal in the world in my opinion – such gentle giants – love them. Great pics – thanks for sharing. You are so lucky to have them in the wild, I’ve only ever seen them in a zoo.

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