43 thoughts on “Ostrich .. or Ass stretch when laying eggs…

  1. How cute is this .. with all those chicks .. fantastic .. plenty of them. What I understand they are very strong birds and quick to run … great shots again – I sound like on old vinyl … Have a great weekend now, you two .. lovebirds.

    • Thanks Viveka… yes as adults these are very strong birds… but the survival rate of the young is not very good.. so many are taken by predators, Jackal being one of the biggest culprits, but the jackal have to keep away from the striking feet of the Ostrich that can kill them… but they are fairly vulnerable when young…

        • The adult strikes forward with his foot… the two toe is sharp and strong and will rip one to pieces… I have bred and raised ostrich and have had a few close encounters with irate males during breeding time.. but if one lies flat on the ground he has trouble kicking you… you see he has to raise his chest to kick forward and you, being on the ground he has trouble seeing you… he might stamp on you but normally does no damage…
          Been backed up into a thorn bush as well by one, but he is scared of his eyes and wont follow you in, however if you grab his neck and pull his head down… he can’t kick you as his chest is then lowered… fun to be around though… we raised the chicks by hand, taking them from the parents after 3 or 4 days… our success was near 80% raised… in the wild only about 15% make it…

          • I have either read about it or seen it on Nature Channel – about the strength they have. 15% only – how sad.
            While living in Dublin I had Ostrich meat twice, but I think the restaurants didn’t know how to prepare it – because it’s wasn’t that great, as when I tried on food exhibitions and it was fantastic. Not surprised at all that you have been in breeding business. I think I would be okay with Ostriches, but I’m truly scared of turkeys – evil birds and swans too when they want to. Been chased by a swan once, don’t ask me why .. he just came after me – and he was mad and fast.
            Not afraid of swans anymore, but turkeys – no way.

  2. OH…..MY…..GOSH……………………………….Well first of all, AMAZING images.!!! How cool is that….and OH….MY…..GOSH…….BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!
    Such a great capture and series!! Second…………I almost choked on my toast when I read the last caption…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Thanks Bulldog 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. What is the story behind the butterflies and the ostriches in the photograph if any, are they connected in some manner?

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