61 thoughts on “Rhino.. White Rhino.. a few close ups..

    • Thanks .. yes to have these not 2 miles from my door step is indeed a privilege.. actually to live in South Africa so rich in all it’s nature is, in my book, a true privilege…

    • Do yourself a favour and go and take a ride around Rietvlei dam reserve… the photo opportunities are beyond description… I do it for relaxation quite often.. I live only 5 minutes away from the place .. but it is very accessible from the highways.. R21.. the animals there early morning give one so many beautiful shots and the bird specie are many and varied…

  1. AnElephantCant hide his admiration for Bulldog
    Who rises in the East like Phosphorus
    AnElephant isn’t brave
    So he tries to behave
    And he loves these great pics of rhinoceroseroseroseses

  2. Great shots, Bulldog – and I hope you do teach us about animal behaviour. Here in Canada, I was taught about that from my dad also. While I was in Madikwe (we saw and photographed the black rhino!!) besides seeing the animals, I loved learning about what to watch for. Who knew elephants talked with their ears?! But once known, of course! What better flags to flap?

    • Oh how right you are… I have sat and watched elephant converse with each other.. the movement of the head, the flap of ears, the quietest rumble and the whole herd will move off… I have a photo of a mother and her two off spring on one side of the road from the rest of the herd.. she showed a bit of aggravation of her youngest one not behaving… she got a look on her face an attitude difference in stance and the two youngsters jumped to attention and followed her over the road in close quarters… I actually have a photo of her in this attitude.. you can read her thoughts yourself… she was a real cross mother and the young fell in beside her.. once over the road and with the rest of the herd you could see her relax and the young sauntered off.. they had got the message though…

    • You got that right Alex… the black will charge and not run away… the white will rather get out of your way than charge… but never under estimate either, the white will also charge if startled… the black if you’re on foot.. and he picks up your scent or hears you will come to investigate, and thereafter, if unhappy, will charge… so climb a tree or face the consequences…

    • I don’t have detachable lens cameras… and I’m not brave, crazy ?? Yes.. I have been called that before… but I have to trust the knowledge I have of animals and their behaviour that I have built up over the last 55 years.. my Dad taught me a lot.. and yes he was brave and crazy..

    • Thanks Gina… it is a good photo, except for the blade of grass across his eye.. that spoils any chance of ever entering the photo for competitions..

    • The Rhino were pretty close.. the bottom 5 he kept coming closer and ended probably about 2 metres from my car… I just sat quietly and hoped he thought my silver car was a rock with a camera sticking out of it…..

  3. Brilliant … I wouldn’t argue with him neither – but he wanted to keep the green grass to himself.
    How close were you ???? That second photo from the top is very impressive.

    • Thank you Viveka… the last 5 photos I was between 2 and 3 metres from the animal he just kept on coming closer as he grazed… I just sat and took the photos…I didn’t seem to bother him and he certainly never bothered me…

  4. YIKES THEY’RE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the light in the eye on the first one and how smooth it’s skin looks….impressive!

    • Thank you… the first one is a youngish calf probably about 3 years old… I was very disappointed when I got home from this photo and discovering the blade of grass in front of the eye, otherwise I would enter that photo in competitions…

    • No not an animal one takes lightly.. but the white Rhino is a lot more placid than the Black Rhino, he will charge first and ask questions later…

    • I love the first one it came out so well with the light and all… just a pity about the blade of grass across the eye which I never saw till I downloaded the photos.. this could have been the type of shot I’;d enter into competitions…

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