No Post Today….

No post today,

I’m feeling kinda grey,

Been pounding letters all day.

To get the books away.

As Our computer program has reached a stage of completion, tested over and over and beta tested by a golf course with no problems arising. It is now time to pound out the final help manuals and help files. I’ve been busy with this all day and feel as though progress has been powerfully slow. Having the new Office 2013 has not made it easier, as I’ve had to learn all the nuances of this word document writer. Bloody beautiful though I must admit.

I’ve adored the sound of the kettle boiling as I’ve realised I’m going to get a tea break. Even the computer has picked up this sound now and sounds of sighs of relief are emitted by the laptop when I close the lid…. not sure a laptop should sound quite like that but still, it starts up reluctantly when the break is over.

I’ve sneak read 60 odd posts today and feel a little left out. So as I’m in the typing mode I thought I would just jot down a few words.

With a manual for setting up the program, one for operating the program and then all the help files that have to be written I’m likely to be busy from now till nearly the end of March. The program goes live on the first of April and all these manuals accompany the program. I’m even committed to working on my birthday on the 22nd and this is unusual as I always take that day off. But Bulldogs Turf Solutions Pty ltd, the owner of “terratry” my computer program demands progress and as I work for a Boss I have no excuse… just a pity I’m the BOSS…

Well hopefully, as we already have a few sales, may the Bank become full enough for me to retire to a full life of photography, driving around in a motorhome and enjoying Linda’s and my wander lust… here’s a photo to remind you I’m still here… A White-breasted Cormorant…