Ok All the Experts out there.. Now what are your comments..

My last post asking for aid, brought forth all the creative minds. The criticism and input was gratefully received, in fact I had some of my best laughs at myself, didn’t realise what an idiot I was. Putting out an ad without contacts, using my normal verbosity, and trying to do a verbal sale via an ad was not the way to go.

Expounders of wisdom came flying to my aid.. Penny L Howe, Venessa-Jane Chapman, Latitude28 (her husband), SherryM (an old acquaintance) who roped in her son. bloganoceros (who bluntly told me I’d posted a heap of s…), Lorna’s voice (dang she can get serious as well), Artsifrtsy another helpful contributor and of course all of you swinging between the white and green background.

Well I knocked up another, and am once again turning to my friends to give me your opinion…. would this ad make you interested enough to contact me?? Not for my pretty face, or hilarious demeanour, not even for my heavenly vivacious body, but for my software program..

Speak up, feel free to vent any pent up anger on me, but just tell me if this grabs you or not… remember, you must think like a Golf Course Manager, that is being pestered by the powers that be,  to start saving costs on a budget of around the 5 to 6 million mark, and they are expecting at least a 10% REDUCTION…

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