How I wish I could do this… poems..

Crown of Thorns

Acacia, crown of desert thorn.
No priceless pearls or Gold
Upon Christ’s head was borne,
To Cavalry’s cross I’m told.

Void of gems in shades of Tourmaline
Only blood crimson crown of red.
Twas not the richest crown ere seen,
But hideous thorns instead

Those thorns of sin stand in our place,
Representing thee and me
For ere Adam fell from Godly Grace
No thorns grew on that tree.

Alf Hutchison

Author of “Sounds of Distant Drums”

Len 20-09-2012 119

Mon 25-07-2011 262


54 thoughts on “How I wish I could do this… poems..

  1. My goodness those are very nasty thorns. The poem is beautiful and very meaningful to me. I see that you’ve mentioned it was written by one of your friends. I’m impressed. And I do wish you and your dear wife and very special Easter, Rob.

  2. Lovely poem – I have a crown of thorns from the holy land in my office – it looks brutal. I cannot comprehend the wearing of it. Lovely photos Bulldog – Blessed Easter to you.

  3. Such a beautiful poem, and superb photos – such a magnificent Leopard… and just your appreciation of these words… and selection of it says a lot about you bd ~ Much Love, RL

      • I did have a rough week btw ~ onto a seizure med I wanted to avoid… nervous system has been on fire… hope I can only be on short-term. is all well with you and your eye? x

        • The eye has been put on back burner because of the high BP which has now been brought under semi control… I go on 8th for the scopes.. both top and bottom.. hope they meet in the middle… have to sort out my gut problem first.. then following that it is back to the eye bloke for cataracts and hopefully this will sort out the double vision I have in both eyes… camera work at the moment is impossible.. I cannot view through the view finder everthing is just a big blur… so it is high on the priority list at present to get that sorted as well… but thanks for asking…

    • Some make it all seem so easy… and I love to read it… funny at school I hated it, except for the limericks, but then they were rude.. very envious of those that can just sit and pound a poem out….

  4. With Easter a few days away, nice poem. On a related note, when I was in Pisa, we went into a church that displays one of the thorns (they say) from the crown of Christ. .. Meanwhile, nice cat.

      • Interestingly, it’s no longer in the church were (I’m told) that people think it is in. We were walking along, and suddenly my cousin said the church is open … and then he told me why we were going in. 1) it was free and 2) nobody else was in there … If I can remember, I’ll include it in a future set.

    • Thanks Russ .. Alf .. an old friend of mine that has done this for years.. he can sit and pound out a poem about anything at the touch of an idea.. I just stand in awe and wonder at the ability of all who can do it… but such a great poem for this time of the year…

  5. Hey, I wrote a poem. Wanna hear it? Okay!

    Kitty, Kitty, oh so fair,
    Do not climb the haymow stair.
    If you do, you will get hurt.
    Then Little Kitty can no more flirt.

    I wrote that when I seven, so stop your laughing! 🙂 That was the beginning of my moody, creative writing period. 😉

  6. So beautiful poem, so nicely expressed… and yes, your photographs are so beautiful too, but you know which one is my best 🙂 By the way when you like/love a poem it means you have already written in your own heart too… 🙂 and so this is yours too… (at least for me 🙂 ) Thanks and Love, nia

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