Laughing Dove.. a common sight in Africa.

Laughing Dove (Spilopelia senegalensis)

The dove is a small pigeon that is a resident breeder in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East east to the Indian Subcontinent. it was even introduced to Australia in the early 1880s. It was introduced in Western Australia and has established itself in the wild around Perth and Fremantle.

I don’t think a day goes past in my life that I don’t see a laughing dove somewhere…

My daughter created a bird feeder using a Pine cone.. and small tray to feed the small LBJ (little brown jobs) that inhabit the garden. The seed is packed into the pine cone with peanut butter and the tray filled with seed. The thought was that the doves, that seem to eat everything, would not be able to sit on the tray or cone. In the beginning this was true… but the tenacity of the dove was a little under estimated.. with many failed attempts behind the screens, this pair found a way… I captured them on camera…

tania stoep 117

tania stoep 149

tania stoep 150

tania stoep 151

tania stoep 159

tania stoep 170

tania stoep 178

tania stoep 190

64 thoughts on “Laughing Dove.. a common sight in Africa.

    • The call is hardly a laugh to be honest.. but it is reputed to get it’s name from that.. there is nothing nicer than camping out in the bush and waking to the call of this little fellow… makes you relax and enjoy the day the Lord is about to give you…

    • I agree, it is only two of them that have succeeded in mastering the art of feeding on a swinging pine cone… but it does give the saying bird brain another different meaning…

    • Thanks Frank.. I actually had trouble deciding which photos to post… they came out far better than I expected… the 5th is definitely one of my favourites.. the soft feel to the photo grabs me…

  1. What lovely photos! You really got some great closeups! We have so many doves in our backyard that we just scatter the seed on the ground so they can get it without making a mess elsewhere. As I think of it I don’t think I’ve ever seen theme even try to get to our bird feeders! Love the pine cone. 🙂

    • Not exactly the type of bird one sees on a feeder… in the beginning they walked around below the feeder picking up the scraps of the LBJs that dropped or messed the seed… but then they obviously decided to get in on the act, and it is just two specific birds that fly up there the others wait patiently below the feeder….

  2. At first glance, I thought the top photo was of a sculpture, even though I know you photograph living creatures!

  3. A common bird perhaps, but so beautiful I love the shots with spread wings, especially the first! When I first moved to western Canada there was this bird I’d never seen. to me it was beautiful and when I mentioned it everyone looked at me as if I was loco. They’re called magpies. They make a god-awful squaking noise and are vicious killers!

    • How right you are.. I’ve just mentioned that there is a small LBJ that comes sits on the string and eats the ants that have found their way to the butter… yep bird brain an insult… not any more in my book…

    • It was quite funny watching the doves with the peanut butter… made me think of a child with a toffee stuck in their teeth… except the doves don’t have fingers to dislodge it.. but their tongue works away till its off and then down the hatch it goes… the other laugh is the butter has attracted ants and there’s a little bird that comes .. sits on the string and eats the ants…

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