Common Cuckoo..

Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

It is in the same family group as the roadrunners, the anis (better get the spelling of this one right) and the coucals. I recently did a post on the coucals and as a reminder or if you want to go and have a look here’s a link. (CLICK HERE, NOT THERE HERE)  But I did another on the same bird that I found in the city where it shouldn’t be, if you want to look at that one  CLICK HERE..

Now this one I know you all have them.. with an estimated population all over of 26 000 000 you must have seen one.. anyway here’s a few photos of one I managed to sneak up on… (do you know how difficult that is at my age and size??)

Len 28-09-2012 071

Len 03-10-2012 169

Len 03-10-2012 163

Len 03-10-2012 146

Len 28-09-2012 065

Len 03-10-2012 160