Common Cuckoo..

Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

It is in the same family group as the roadrunners, the anis (better get the spelling of this one right) and the coucals. I recently did a post on the coucals and as a reminder or if you want to go and have a look here’s a link. (CLICK HERE, NOT THERE HERE)  But I did another on the same bird that I found in the city where it shouldn’t be, if you want to look at that one  CLICK HERE..

Now this one I know you all have them.. with an estimated population all over of 26 000 000 you must have seen one.. anyway here’s a few photos of one I managed to sneak up on… (do you know how difficult that is at my age and size??)

Len 28-09-2012 071

Len 03-10-2012 169

Len 03-10-2012 163

Len 03-10-2012 146

Len 28-09-2012 065

Len 03-10-2012 160

82 thoughts on “Common Cuckoo..

    • I must admit I’ve seen a lot.. only just close enough to ID them through binocs.. but this one just leant himself for a creeping Bulldog to approach… very proud of myself on these

  1. Magnificent – so much better than any of my efforts. I wish we had your light here, all my best shots were taken very early one morning with sea mist to spoil everything.

  2. I actually didn’t realise roadrunners were real birds (I just thought they were all to do with the cartoon!) until I saw a documentary about them (then I was a little embarrassed…)

    This cuckoo looks very cocky indeed! 😀

  3. What an unusual bird! It looks like he’s wearing pantaloons with ruffles. I guess for you they’re common, but I have never seen one! Or a bird even closely related…except you say it’s related to the road runner, and that I’ve seen! 🙂

  4. I love these – especially that last shot – you always get the best facial expressions on these animals BD… so adorable this Coucal bird!! 🙂 Sending Love ~ rl

  5. He is adorable … look at those bloomers!!! Love the chest feathers, such a wonderful pattern … and his shades of grey is stunning. Truly a shower … he like the attention he is getting. That spotted tail is … so wonderful. What a cute and wonderful bird … thank you so much for sharing.
    That expression he has on that last photo … Who are you coming here ??? Thank you so much.

    • No.. no yoga… but for a bird capture that is not caught by all and sundry it is worth getting down and dirty… just seems so difficult at this age…

  6. To us the parasitic habits of some birds are repulsive but it is Nature. What I find so fascinating is that the host bird will do everything to prevent the cuckoo from laying in her nest but will nevertheless take care of the chick when it hatches, although she clearly knows it’s not her own child. That, I think, is a lesson to us. We are not the only species who will look after somebody else’s offspring. The common cuckoo is not really common in South Africa. It is also a shy bird so you were lucky to see it so beautifully. It is a non-breeding visitor from October to April. It is also silent when here, as it is not trying to attract a mate. In Europe its call is exactly like that of a cuckoo clock:-) One of our more common cuckoos is the Red Chested cuckoo (Piet-my-vrou) which is often heard but seldom seen – they hide amongst the foliage. More often seen are the Klaas’s, Diederick, Levaillant’s and Jacobin. I have never seen a common cuckoo before and I am an avid birder. I am quite jealous of this super sighing, Bulldog.

    • Thank you… I saw the bird from far on the ground.. not realising what it was I began a super sneak that kept it flying further away… when I realised what it was, the super sneak became a major maneuver.. I finally caught it in the tree but it did not hang around for long… it flew over to a yard nearby and I found I had enough tall grass to allow me to get closer.. the last shot was when it finally decided who and what I was and took off never to be seen again…. I know these are probably our most shy bird here, and was so pleased with myself… the very next day I went to the golf course.. no camera, and one plopped itself down not 10 m from where I was sitting waiting for my 4 ball to arrive… I was totally flabbergasted.. but no reward as there was no camera… the Piet-my-vrou I have photos of… but not of the best that I would post them here… but it will now have to wait for next year to capture one now… I have seen many cuckoo in Pta and in the Kalahari but never managed to capture it like this time… very proud of myself…

  7. I always thought they looked like a cross breeding between a Pigeon and an Olive Thrush 🙂 Also don’t like them much because of their nest hi-jacking habits. But very good pics none-the-less. Thanks Bulldog. Laura

  8. I always thought they were interesting and very special birds. Then I found out they are parasitic nesters and I lost some of my respect for them. They kick out the egg that’s in a nest and lay their own in there in its place, giving up ALL their children for adoption and taking off to live the single life.

    • I Google the damn bird was assured they are world wide.. I know they move south for the north’s winter and then north again during the south’s winter… they must be there somewhere.. thank you.. crawled up real close to this one before the Bulldog frightened him…

    • You have seen the coucal in the middle of Jburg?? most unusual for such a shy bird… must admit never seen the cuckoo in the city… crept up on this one in the bush…

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