Now this was a round of golf I really enjoyed.. being interviewed by a fellow player who couldn’t keep out of the bunkers… I do love this post, read it and you might agree…

Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South African resident Rob, aka Bulldog, is best known in the blogging world for his wonderful photographs of South African wildlife. As a semi-retired golf green keeper, he has developed an analytical program to help golf course owners save money, and that’s really what he’s here to talk about today. But first, a bit about the man himself. Rob and I are going to play a round of golf while we chat…

Rob and Vanessa playing golf

Hi Rob, thanks for letting me caddy for you as well as play
No problem Vanessa, can you pass me a 3-wood please?

Er…sure, I know what that is…um…anyway, I understand you grew up in the bush (outback). What was your schooling like?
My schooling, of necessity, was at boarding schools. First Rhodes Estate Preparatory School, which was situated in the most beautiful Matopos hills, a National Parks area, where on weekends we…

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  1. When I came and read this interview the other day for some reason there was no white comment area for me to write in so this is the first time I have been able to comment directly here on your blog. As I mentioned the other day I did comment on her blog. Both of you two were outstanding. Just a simply great interview, so well done! Have you thought of making short interview type videos to send to potential customers? Just a thought I had! 🙂

    • We have made short screen video captures showing the software’s different features to add to the web site when it is finally completed.. these will be downloadable for those interested… I nearly forgot to thank you for commenting and in such a beautiful way.. I did enjoy this interview, she is very good at this type of post..

  2. Hope you have a good marketing plan, Bulldog. If you guys are the first, Golf Courses obviously NEED your software. Congrats – it’s good to see what you’ve been up to. Some of the best ideas in the world have bubbled up in this manner. Hope it takes off like wildfire.

    • Thank you… I think we have a good marketing plan… it’s the international marketing that worries me… but then there are companies to help us with that…

  3. Really enjoyed this interview Bulldog – great to learn a little more about you. Also, your ad is now looking so good! Great to see the golf pic in, really like ‘your’ and the white text is now easy to read and your own details are displayed well. Really hope that it all goes well for you. All the best, Ruth 🙂

    • Thanks Ruth I must admit I have great expectations in South Africa.. the international frightens me a bit.. but then that is what the younger partners are for…

  4. It was good to learn so much more about you! This was a lovely interview. It looks like your wonderful project is getting underway. I’m so pleased for you and hoping for wonderful success!

  5. Brilliant right … post – and I love the way the our advert turned out – good job, there …
    Fantastic way to get to know you a lot more. Love it .. and good luck with the swing and the put.
    Good luck with the software … and with love and life.

    • Thank you Viveka… I really enjoyed this interview and have now started the process of spreading it through the other social medias I use to get myself a little better known within the industry… it is just a perfect way to introduce the program…

  6. Bulldog I wish you all the luck with Terratry … You could always supplement your income printing calendars from your photo’s. Man you could fly to all the places on your bucket list I’m positive. Laura

  7. YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!! This was such an awesome interview!! I’m a bit offended that I wasn’t invited along to brush the grass off of your shoes after each swing…but such is life……GO TEAM BULLDOG!!

    • Thank you Suzanne… I really enjoyed the way she handle herself on the course.. and kept quiet when I was putting… lol… I love this post of hers…

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