Cattle Egret..

A few photos I took of the cattle egret. I have posted on the bird before and given all the details. The other post showed them on their nest with eggs etc. and to visit that site CLICK HERE.

But these a liked as the one was hitching a ride on a Rhino’s back.

rietvlei 28-10-2012 113

rietvlei 28-10-2012 112

rietvlei 28-10-2012 266

rietvlei 134


54 thoughts on “Cattle Egret..

  1. I wonder what the birds are thinking when they’re perched on the back of those cattle, bulldog. For that matter what the cattle are thinking? I’m think you are so very lucky to be this close to so many wonderful animals in the wild. I do envy you this.

    • Thanks Penny.. I should have added a photo taken a bit more wider angled.. they are actually sitting on the back of Rhino.. which makes it an even better capture… I appreciate your kind words..

    • Thank you… I love it when they hitch a ride.. took a photo of one that looked asleep on a rhino’s back.. when downloading I spotted a mouse in its beak… the mouse was probably running for the hills to get away from a two ton rhino and got nailed by the bird…

  2. love these photos bulldog! the contrast between the beautiful white bird and the dark brown is striking.

    • The cattle egret is often found walking beside these animals and for that matter many antelope… they look for grasshoppers and insects disturbed by the feet of the animals as it moves along… I think it is merely a resting spot for them or a better observation spot for their food… we as kids knew these birds as Tick birds as they fed on the ticks in the grass as well.. also known to remove ticks of cattle’s backs.. so this maybe the reason they often sit on the backs of Zebra etc…

    • I’m not sure which dust bowl he had to have rolled in to get that colour.. the early morning light certainly helped make it redder than what it probably was.. but I have others with the same hue, so they must have a good dust bowl somewhere I don’t know about…
      Again I must thank you for the interview.. it turned out brilliantly should do more of this type post.. you’re so good at it… I’m getting calls locally from friends who read it and they love it..turned me into a bit of a celeb now…

      • I’m so pleased that you liked it, and that you are getting good feedback from friends etc! I think that was the fifth blog interview I’ve done and I enjoy the creative process of trying to bring it to life and make it sound interactive rather than just a Q & A session! Hopefully it has helped spread the word a bit about the program.

  3. Another … stunning bird .. and very handsome too. He has a good view from where he where sitting.
    I don’t know what speed a rhino can come up too .. but I guess he is in for a comfortable ride. Brilliant photos.

    • Yes I have a picture of one standing on a Rhino back for all the world to see that looked as though it had fallen asleep… it was only when I down loaded the photos did I see the mouse in its beak..

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