69 thoughts on “Cattle Egret and a Good Morning Sunrise..

  1. Great photos bulldog – In particular, I like the sunrise shots, which capture early morning in the bush, just as I imagine it.

  2. Oh, it is such a treat to see your stunning photo’s Bulldog. Love the captions on the photo’s as well. Absolutely captivating. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • I’m up before sunrise every day… I’m normally out of bed at 4 am… one of the curses of age I’m told… brain is not so active so it does not need to rest for that long…

  3. Fantastic, Bulldog! I saw a bird flying along with a rat in it’s beak last week and thought “If I was Bulldog, I would have got a picture of that!” LOL πŸ˜€

  4. That first shot is a beautiful catch, the food chain or something like that, wonderful! I also love those sunrise shots, gorgeous, the editorials are great too!

    • Thank you.. I commented today on someone else’s blog that we actually become a bit complacent about our surrounds.. complaining about the government and all, and yet we still have mother nature supplying us with such beauty almost on our doorsteps…

  5. This is so COOL, Just love your wording …. landing lights … top dollar. You were luck to get that photo with his … lunch. And the last photo is so breathtaking. Thanks for the laughter and for the beauty. *smile

  6. Such wonderful shots bulldog! Loved the last 3 especially (sunrises/sunsets and me – you know!)…The cattle egret are totally cool too! Hope all is going well with your new venture — your brochure looked superb — Blessings and Love ~RL

  7. Shots to inspire gasps of awe and also delighted smiles. One wonders if that bird found a mouse wandering around on his designated rhino! πŸ™‚ I didn’t know egrets preyed on things so much larger than ticks.

    • This was just as surprising to me… but apparently they do take mice and lizards etc… didn’t even know this bird had the mouse in it’s mouth till I downloaded the photos…

      • What a bonus! I thought that shot had been clicked with full intent. Now and again one gets these gifts – just as occasionally the shot of a lifetime is blurred or off the setting or something.

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