Springbok… or Jumping Goats.


Continuing on from yesterdays post.. some adults.. also all taken in the Kalagadi Gemsbok Park.. a place everyone should visit if they can…

Kalagadi 207

Kalagadi 165

Kalagadi 309

Kalagadi 312

Above, the female, apart from the obvious udder look at her horns much thinner than the male below;

Kalagadi 1348

Kalagadi 1347

Kalagadi 1336

34 thoughts on “Springbok… or Jumping Goats.

  1. the little fella is so adorable. Such beautiful creatures. I love their eyes. That is quite a difference between the female and male horn. Thanks for pointing that out. I need to get back to Africa. Ever since I’ve been there I’ve wanted to go back.

    • I can see them in a park that is no more than 5 km. from our house… but these were taken in the Kalahari where they are in more natural surroundings.. and in far bigger herds, anything up to a 1000

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