Springing Springbok..

As none of my photos are good enough, I borrowed a few from the internet to share with you… so that you can get an idea of what they are like in the air… I am always so fascinated when they “stiff leg” run and then jump, that I forget about my camera.. here’s a few shares from the internet..





And then a photo of one of our flying Springboks…..



41 thoughts on “Springing Springbok..

  1. Hi and welcome back; I appreciated your comment on my blog this week.
    I have a favor to ask of you: my grandson is working non an independent high school study of dune grasses, and how the different kinds are affected by three variables in the environment. Have you any sources of dune grass seeds that I could tell him about? Thanks…

    • This is a tough one off the top of my head… I have a book about the Kalahari/ Kalagadi dune grasses but it is only available at the Park entrance… Google search will be the only place you might find something…

    • Only difference is they got the shot… I kept missing.. but then one cannot get a good shot when you eyes are watching a whole lot performing at the same time… but thank you for the complement…

  2. Beautiful animals and I love the rugby player. I’ve just started watching rugby since my move to London from the US. I’m finding out that I like the sport.

    • It is a great sport and probably the second most followed in our country… soccer first then rugby.. but Brian Habana is loved by all … a great player…

      • we love soccer. that’s why we went to Botswana in 2010. We had tickets to two World Cup matches in South Africa. We stopped off in Zambia and Botswana before heading to the football.

  3. I completely understand getting so wrapped up in the beauty of this beast that you forgot to take the shot. Lucky for us, someone else did!..Gorgeous…genuine art, especially the last one! 😉

  4. Your photos are fabulous, Bulldog! Though I could imagine it’s difficult trying to get one of a “springbok springing” 😉 (try saying that a hundred times as fast as you can!)

    • Brian Habana .. one of our sports heros.. playing for the Springbok team against I don’t know who.. but he scored and the delight is obvious… his dentist must be proud of him…

    • Thank you.. such a nice complement… now if I can just learn to ignore the “look at that one…look at that one” comments I might just have my camera pointing in the right direction…lol

    • I just don’t seem to be able to catch the jump so well… but thank you for the complement.. I’m always amazed when there are so many jumping along at one time.. don’t know where to aim the camera…

  5. LOL @ the flying Springbok! Thanks for sharing bulldog and I am sure your photo’s are just as good as the internet ones but you are right, sometimes you totally forget about the camera because you’re standing there with an open mouth. hehehe. Nature truly is wonderful. 🙂 PS: You should have shared a flying bulldog as well too. 😛

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