Familiar Chat

Familiar Chat, (Cercomela familiaris)

One of the many LBJ’s of Africa.. (LBJ you ask? Little Brown Jobs).. This bird falls into one of the old orders of fly catchers..

It builds a cup-shaped nest of hair, wool, feathers or soft plant material on a base of coarse vegetation. Constructed in a hole in the ground, a rock face or building.  It normally nests from July to April, but will breed at any time when conditions are right, especially in the more arid areas.

The Familiar Chat is typically seen sitting on a rock, or hopping on bare patches of soil, or around the swimming pool in your yard. It has a habit of flicking its wings once or twice every time it moves. It is a fairly tame and approachable little bird. It eats insects, fruit, animal fat and household or farmyard scraps.

The Afrikaans name "spekvreter" means "fat-eater", and comes from the fact that it developed the habit of feeding on the lard used to grease wagon axles by the voortrekkers, I have put down a lump of butter to get them to come a little closer for its photo shoot….

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