Help.. I Need your Opinion

We have just completed a competition for our computer software Logo, and from 108 entries we as the B of D have narrowed it down to 3 designs.

Now this is where you all come in, and I mean all of you, I need a vote for the one you like the best… Help the Bulldog, don’t be shy…


Capture 1


Capture 2


Capture 4

113 thoughts on “Help.. I Need your Opinion

    • Thank you another for the C.. you would be surprised on all the mediums that we have gone to with polls and all C is now right up there with A, B is lagging..
      I am to an extent happy but wish we would get an outright winner… I am heading back to liking C myself… more IT and Golf as far as I’m concerned…
      Thanks so much for your input..greatly appreciated…

  1. Hi Rob …A immediately caught my eye, and even after I thought about it, I still preferred A.

    For me, the image and fonts used in A are well balanced and self explanatory and are likely to appeal more to typical golf course owners and managers (your likely audience and potential customers). I like its simplicity (in a good way). The image clearly represents a golf course and is backed up by the caption, which explains what the product is about.

    I also quite like the understated look of B. However, C doesn’t do it for me, especially the image, which makes me think about playing golf rather than golf course management.

    • Thanks Brian good feed back that we will definitely take heed of… I thought the golfers might just prefer the C but it looks as though the A is winning… but thanks for youre input and comment.. it is appreciated…

  2. On a process of elimination: 2 & 3 have fonts less easy to make out, and 3 gives a message of golf rather than a golf course; 2 gets the course across but only the tee. The logo of 1 gets the course message across best, and the font is also very clear. For my money, 1 it is.

    • TBM you can say that again… we are now receiving changes from the two that made it to the final… and to be honest I’m just becoming more confused in my choice… I wanted C then went A.. changed to C again then thought about B and now I’m leaning back towards C… but really I’m actually totally confused… but I do appreciate your input…

  3. “A” is my first instinct bd. I could fall for C but from a marketing perspective – this logo is most clear and depicts the sport best… just my humble opinion!! I actually likc “C” too – if there is some mystery desired – but if golf is the message – A ~ x RL

    • Thank you Robyn.. I appreciate your opinion… and makes me begin wondering what message we are trying to impart.. is it golf or IT.?? this is our dilemma..that our product which is analytical software and not maintenance software on a golf course or sports institution.. are we sending the right message.. get the feeling… thanks Dear much appreciated..

      • yes – very important to fine-tune your demographic (target market) and consider this when making your choice. If it is more IT (analytical software) that you are trying to covey with the logo (and less the essence of golf, the sport or the golf course) – then maybe C would be a sophisticated choice more representative of the actual product you are offering.?

        … I wondered about this myself… I studied marketing (in the day… president of collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association and everything 🙂 ) so was really into this stuff at one time… #1 question is how to appeal to your “target market” — hmmm??
        Lots of Love ~ keep me posted! x R

  4. B makes me feel calm and safe. C makes me think powerful and righteous…. A… doesn’t do much for me. 🙂 Reminds me too much of something I can’t place. 🙂 They are all nice, in their own way

    • Thank you.. I drifted away from C but slowly drifting back after all the comments and input from all over the world… thank you so much for your input..

  5. I think B Bulldog – close call as I like A but prefer the plain second line of text in B. Not so keen at all on C, although I saw the international idea, I think the obvious golf visual is more important – it’s implicit that it will be International as golf is! Best of luck! 🙂

    • Thank you Ruth… also good points that you have raised… looking at similar programs although not the same as ours we have three very different designs to the others… and it was given as a request that we come out above the others… and that these three designers have done… it is really a difficult choice… we have requested a few subtle changes and hope that it will help make up our minds… combined with all the feed back we are getting from all over the world…

  6. Tough choices, each are exceedingly well done! For visual effect it’s between 2 and 3 for me! For universal appeal I’m leaning towards 3. It says “sophistication and tech savy” with the style (design) of the layout format and font! Good luck, bulldog – a tough choice to make! Penny

    • Thank you Penny… this is becoming very difficult to decide… if we take all the input we have we are almost at a stale mate with all three designs… I appreciate your input… thanks..

  7. My initial choice was “C”. I like the combo – a global image – as well as a golf ball. Then, (before I read comments), I wondered if you could put the A image behind the C logo and use the C font. Would that catch the eye you want?

    I’m keen to see the “global” attitude and love how it’s there – with clever subtlety.

    I’m a business person so the font of A is familiar and “an old shoe”. What age group are luring? Older people who golf or younger people who are the new managers?

    Not an easy choice.

    • Now you have thrown a spanner in the works and have I thinking all sorts of things…thank you for your input .. very interesting angle you’ve brought to the fore…

  8. I like A because you get the golf message through, but the greens look like leaves (nature, etc.) and the company name is clearly legible. The font on the others makes you have to work harder to read the name.

  9. “A” for me without a doubt! It jumped out at me and caught my eye. However, if I am to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure that I love the smaller font. Something about it doesn’t fit with the rest of the logo.

    • Thank you.. for taking the time..we do appreciate it… we have the right to ask them for changes in the second part of the competition… so this is duly note…

  10. My husband, a businessman likes B. I, a teacher, like A. He thinks A is in your face. I think it is bold and makes a statement. He thinks B is more natural.

  11. Hallo, hallo, Here I am. I like C the most. A and B are boring and very obviously “golfie” whereas C shows the swing action of a golfer. The modern style of the picture also appeals to me. Please pick C!!!!!

  12. It’s not because I’m a middle child or anything, but I prefer the second one by far. It’s SO much more pleasing to the eye and you know what you’re looking at without any question (which I imagine would be good in the marketing business!). Nice job!

    • Thanks Sherry… funny I would have put you down as a C lover… don’t know why… but thanks for taking the time and effort it is much appreciated…

    • It’s an international competition we held with a prize for the winner… 108 entries we had to bring it down to 3.. that was difficult enough, and now to be honest we are torn between A and C as is most of those coming in… but thank you for taking the time to give your input… much appreciated..

    • Thank you Cee .. “being redundant” where do you come on that.. I do appreciate your input and for taking the time to comment… still lots of people to give opinions…

    • Thanks Gina… we are all now beginning to lean towards that as well… I still like C but I’m being out voted here… lol.. the whole idea is to get feed back from those not involved and you have helped tremendously… thank you…

  13. A

    Logos that are concrete are better than abstract ones. C tells me nothing, A tells me something about your product without asking. A is balanced and nice to the eye.

    • Thank you Alex… this is so interesting and different to my opinion… but that is why we have gone out for help… we have a bit of a split decisions and uncertainty on the board… but thanks for taking the time to give your opinion…

  14. I like A as it is the clearest image of what you are doing. B looks like a target more than a golf logo and C is nice but is more cryptic visually. This may appeal to the golfing community though…you know, like the international symbol for divers is the double red triangles with the white diagonal band. Not know by everyone…but all divers know it.

  15. I like B. A and B are better than C because they are clearly about golfing. Somehow be drew my eye and immediately made me think ‘a hole in one’ which made me think that of a product that ‘gets the ball in the hole’ without the bother of putting along until you get it right. B definitely says that better than A! 🙂

    • Thanks Diana… I believe it or not am leaning towards the C as the golfer is still there yet it gives a more software feel for me… but this and our FB pole is drawing a lot of opinions… interesting

      • You’re welcome. Just remember that things that make sense to ‘insiders’ don’t always make sense to those you are trying to sell things to because the insider has more information. I think of logos and brands as a hook and they should be clear about what they do. In the third (as an outsider) I did not see golfing, it could be a check mark, as far as saw. Just saying… I know you’ll forgive me! 😉

        • Of course I forgive you… this is why I’ve gone out to you all for help… and this comment is very enlightening… and it certainly helps us an awful lot…

  16. Ooh, I can’t decide between 1 and 3, I think number 1 is more generally pleasing to my eye, but number 3 somehow gives the impression of a big international IT company, which is probably a good impression to give. I do like number 2 as well, but prefer 1 and 3.

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