White–throated Swallow.

White-throated Swallow (Hirundo albigularis)

Tired of being the focus of attention? Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of all the photographers? Sick and tired of the paparazzi? 

Then build your nest in the local bird hide, next to the dam….


Rietvlei 18-10-2012 021

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 022

The White-throated Swallow builds a bowl-shaped mud nest with a soft lining of grass or hair. It is usually near or over water, and is built on a ledge under an overhang on a rock face or on a man-made structure such as a building, dam wall, culvert or bridge. Uninhabited buildings are preferred to houses. The nest may be reused for subsequent broods or in later years. (kindly supplied by Wikipedia)