Back at Last.. and a day off..

Got back from a hectic trip to Natal.. a very rewarding one though and with a lot learnt… took a day off with my Son and Grand daughter at the Johannesburg Zoo.

So many emails from blogs I’ve missed.. which I hope with time to catch up… but this big boy got my attention, and with a little eye contact he got his message across…






My Grand daughter was as astounded as I was at this Gorilla… he is impressive and I would rather have him on my side in a bun fight, than against …

63 thoughts on “Back at Last.. and a day off..

  1. He’s simply awesome. What a magnificent animal.Your photographs are wonderful, but like you I wish the animals in the zoo were not enclosed. How’s the project going Bulldog?

    • Oh Penny I was more than surprised at the reception I received in the province… one expects the odd negative or two.. but all we received were positives… got so many running around trying to find the money in this years budget… but it all is looking upward and that is pleasing in itself… thanks for asking… off to another part of the country on Friday.. hope to get the same reaction…

      • I’m not surprised Bulldog. You put in the time and developed a superior product and it shows. Finding the dollars to advance the project can be frustrating (been there a time or too) but the money’s out there and you’ve got great momentum going (that seems to make a difference when looking for additional funding, Money people can sense it I think!) Good luck this weekend, I have a hunch it’s going to go exceeding well, just remember to take care of you too!

        Penny, xx

  2. Welcome back Bulldog … and I love the primates at the zoo! I still remember a gorilla from many years ago – the one leaning against a tree with his legs crossed and picking his teeth with a piece of straw.

  3. You was missed, big guy. And I love the stare-down with gorilla-dude! Congrats on the launching, and here’s hoping a long a profitable success. Enjoy your family!

  4. Great to have you back … by the way, missed your .. visits – but don’t put any time with catching up on mines .. there will be new once coming every day more of less.

    • Thank you.. no we don’t get them here more likely the congo… but this brute in the Zoo looked the part and I’m glad he was the other side of a wall…lol

  5. Oh, they are such magnificent animals bulldog. Great photo’s and glad that you are back and all went well. 🙂 *hugs*

  6. Me too. What’s a bun fight? It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad your trip was productive and you were able to spend time at the zoo with two special people in your life.


  7. Good to see you back, my friend. So glad the trip was eventful for you. As for this big dude in the photos, he scares the you-know-what out of me 🙂 Dian Fossey I’m not – LOL! Such outstanding photographs. Be well and stay blessed.

  8. Oh, that big boy wasn’t at the zoo in September when I was there.
    I will be in Joburg from 5 to 25 May. Will you be able to meet up with a couple of the bloggers and me during that time?
    We probably will meet at the Northgate Mall.
    By the way didn’t see you in Durbs 😦

    • Make contact when you’re here I’m sure I can make it… off to the NC next Friday for a few days work and should be back by the 8th… ran around Natal as though I was 18 years old.. got all the way down to Southbroom and up to Zimbali.. then also covered the midlands… had no chance to even see the sea .. well almost…

  9. It’s so nice to see you this morning, BD! You are always missed. Hope you are doing very well and I’m always cheery to see that someone has enjoyed a family day. Mr. Gorilla is such an amazing beast. I wouldn’t be too comfortable with eye contact myself! Great photos!

    • Thank you ..It’s nice to be back after such a run around seeing all that one can in a short time period… but it was well worth the trip and very encouraging…

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