Lion .. zoo or wild .. what is the answer?

When visiting the Zoo with my Son and his daughter, my wife and D-in-L were also there, I had feelings of trepidation and apprehension, why?

Because I hate seeing the beauty of a wild animal confined to a restricted space. Mankind has reduced their natural habitat by so much as it is, that they are now almost restricted to reserves specially set aside for them. Look our reserves are not small (Kruger 19 633 sq. Km. or 7 580 sq. miles and lets say the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park which comes in at 38 000 sq. km. or 15 000 sq. miles. Just dawned on me you can fit Wales into the Kgalagadi and have some space left over.)

However, the point I’m making, restricting a Lion or Elephant into a small area is just considered, by me, cruel. I know Zoos and the like are very necessary for the education of the younger generations unable to get to the parks, some never getting the chance ever, to experience a Lion or Elephant in the wild.

BUT, then at the rate of poaching of our poor Rhino population, the only place you will get to see them in the near future, will be the Zoo. Have you heard of our practice of injecting Toxic dye into the horn now? Completely harmless to the Rhino, as its horn is nothing more than the same as your finger nail, but it does colour the inside of the horn and warns prospective buyers not to purchase it. Me, I hope they try it and end up with such bad runs, that their inners pass through their foof holes.. chew your finger nails you bunch of idiots that buy this horn thinking it is better than viagra.

However would you not rather see a Lion in the wild grass than on a mown lawn????????

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