Cape White-eye or Orange River White-eye..

Cape White-eye, Zosterops pallidus or Orange River White-eye (Z. pallidus)

Now this little bird is one of the reasons I struggle and sometimes avoid, trying to identify the smaller bird species. I placed a picture on FB to ask for help and one expert tells me the Photos are of the Orange River sub specie.. but believe it or not there are two other sub specie, the SW and the E green.

They all interbreed as well I’m told, so how does one ID these little birds other than to call them LBJ (Little Brown Jobs)? I don’t know, I sometimes avoid posting some captures as I might just name it incorrectly, and someone will be on my back..

These little birds when not breeding congregate in big flocks and flit around together.. they nest in little cup like structures, laying two to three pale blue eggs that only take 11 to 12 days to hatch and then within the next 13 to 14 days they fly away. Now that is some growing speed.

White-eyes feeds mainly on insects, but also soft fleshy flowers, nectar, fruit and small grains, and it readily comes to bird feeders. Here’s a few photos..






50 thoughts on “Cape White-eye or Orange River White-eye..

  1. You have done well capturing these photos. I find smaller birds very difficult to shoot as they rarely stay still long enough for you to compose, focus and press the shutter.

    • You have got that right.. taking snaps of the LBJ’s results in at least 50% blank photos.. just no bird there, were there was one before…

  2. A beautiful bird again … that white ring around the eyes makes the eyes look like they are on the outside of the head. You’re turning into a β€œbirder” and your camera like them too.

  3. Now all you need is some technology to play the bird’s call every time your post is read by the birders. That MIGHT IMPRESS THEM…as for me, I am very happy reading your blog and enjoying the wonderful pictures you add. You’re a favorite, Bulldog!

  4. So cute! Great photos. πŸ™‚
    I think in Afrikaans they’re called sysies, but there’s also gazillions of sub species and what-not under that name. In my family we just stick to the main name and leave it at that.

    Years ago we were visiting family friends and they had a huge tree in their front garden filled with nests of these little birds. As luck would have it many of them picked that day to kick out their chicks for their first flying lessons. It was amazing to see!

  5. Such interesting eyes! Beautiful little thing! So you have the birder-police following you for accuracy, huh? Funny! I think you do amazingly well to identify as many animals and birds as you do! I can’t do as well with only a small portion of the species you encounter! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, they are absolutely beautiful bulldog and what amazing shots you took! I feel I can reach through my screen and touch them! Thanks so much for sharing this beauty my friend and have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚ *big hugs*

    • Unfortunately too many birders follow my blog .. specially on FB and boy if I make a mistake they jump on my back quickly… but I do love capturing birds…

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