62 thoughts on “Yellow Mongoose.. “give us a smile”

  1. Good sequence of shots and captions Bulldog – enjoyable to see and read. The last one finishes it off very nicely.

  2. hehehehehe, oh that is so adorable bulldog. He is so cute and you took such lovely shots! Thanks for the smile my friend and have a stunning day! *big hugs*

  3. I loved the photo’s and especially your captions, Bulldog! I lived on a farm with a huge family of mongooses, but I think they were more grey and smaller than this one. They used to line up to watch me arrive after work and didn’t appear at all worried about my dogs – which kept away from them.

    • Know the ones you talk about.. probably the banded mongoose which is the more common… used to have a group come through the camp site we were in once, and scratch around hoping to find our eggs… you could almost touch them they seemed so tame…

    • If he chose to bite you I think his little sharp teeth would do some painful damage… but I’ve never heard of them attacking a human, and I’ve been very close to some without them being the least bit scared or aggressive… love the little critters…

    • It was actually yawning.. and I missed the open mouth and was actually cross with myself for looking elsewhere.. but catching the last bit still gave me the smirk look… they wouldn’t bite me… too old and tough.. now a hyena that likes dead stuff maybe…lol

  4. What brilliant photographs. I had a mongoose in the gardens at my previous office but I never saw it for long enough to get even one photo, let alone any like these. Poor things probably never been asked to smile before. I think he did pretty well for his first attempt πŸ˜€

  5. I bet this is what photographers hired to take portraits of children go through every day of their lives! Very funny series. I bet you smiled when you took that last shot! πŸ™‚

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