Black-breasted Snake Eagle.

Black-breasted Snake Eagle (Circaetus pectoralis)

This bird or eagle eats snakes… now that might please some, but others not… it loves open areas where it can perch and see it’s prey. It also eats lizards and small mammals and frogs…

It is wide spread.. almost throughout Africa, but does love the more arid areas, even deserts.. which is where I captured these photos.. this is a youngish bird and has as yet not coloured in full maturity..

They female bird is slightly larger than the male and lays but one egg, which hatches after about 50 days.. the eagles then feed the chick for the following 3 months before it flies and starts to hunt for itself….

Kalagadi 494

Kalagadi 414

Kalagadi 409

Kalagadi 407

Kalagadi 406

48 thoughts on “Black-breasted Snake Eagle.

  1. Great shots Rob – he looks very alert and is no doubt proficient at capturing his prey. I could do with one of these in the garden to see off the pigeons that keeping making a mess on my car…lol.

  2. It has such a cute face bulldog and as usual you have captured this lovely bird beautifully my friend. I just love your photo’s and I am so glad you could share it with us. 🙂 *big hugs*

    • Thanks Russ… we have a few different snake eagles here.. this one is said to be the most common… yet I’ve only come across him in the Kalahari…

    • When we lived in Rhodesia snakes in the house was a common thing.. never bothered us much just redirected them to their own houses outside…

  3. Just yesterday I was watching a pair of hawks flying high in the sky – their silent gliding and circling, magnifigant! I’ve always been in awe of birds of prey. My three favourite animals all express a sense of freedom to me. They are the eagle, the wolf and the horse. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

    • Thanks Diana… the eagles or raptors are by far my favourites.. there strength, attitude and magnificence fascinates me…
      their flight always seems so easy and purposeful ..

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