Lanner Falcon..

Lanner Falcon (Falco biarmicus)

It is a large falcon, at 43–50 cm length with a wingspan of 95–105 cm.

The Lanner Falcon is a bird of open country and savannah. It usually hunts by horizontal pursuit, rather than the stoop from a height, and takes mainly bird prey in flight. It lays 3–4 eggs on a cliff ledge nest, or occasionally in an old stick nest in a tree.

They are bred in captivity for falconry;


But this fellow I captured in the Kalahari, it is a juvenile bird as can be told by the more horizontal dots on the chest…

Kalagadi 271

Kalagadi 267

Kalagadi 389

Kalagadi 382

35 thoughts on “Lanner Falcon..

  1. Great to see animals photographed in the wild than in captivity where they can be observed in their natural environment and mode of behaviour. It is always a delight to follow your blog posts Bulldog, though with my internet problems can only see your images at my Colchester library for the moment.

    • Thanks Brian this was captured in the Kalahari where we have our biggest concentration of raptor birds… will be going back to capture more photos as soon as I can…

  2. Beautiful bird!. I have seen falcon demonstrations and they are impressive but there is something even more impressive when you see them in their natural habitat doing what they do naturally.

    • I agree Mrs. P. seena few demo of their speed and eye sight .. but this little fellow in the Kalahari was for me a bargain, always wanted a photo in the wild…

  3. Wow – another gorgeous creature. I love the 2nd to last shot you captured…what a stance — commanding respect and admiration just by his pose. Fantastic dearest friend ~ Much Love to you ~ Robyn

  4. Beautiful birds. It really does get quite tricky to tell them apart. Fortunately our YBKs and sparrowhawks are distinctive.
    btw – finally overcame the poll ID 10 T problem.

  5. Magnificent photos of a magnificent bird. The second last photo is pretty awesome. Truly making an impression that he are the King looking over his kingdom.

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