Groundscraper Thrush

Groundscraper Thrush (Psophocichla litsitsirupa)

It is 22–24 cm long with an erect posture, short tail, heavy bill and fairly long legs.

The species is found in savannah, grassland and open woodland. It can be tame and will forage in parks, gardens and around picnic sites.

The cup-shaped nest is built using vegetation and spider-webs and is lined with feathers or leaves. Three or four eggs are laid and are incubated for 14 to 15 days. They are bluish with lilac and red-brown spots and blotches.

and this fellow talked to me…..

Rietvlei 7-5-2012 088




rietvlei 05-06-2012 078

rietvlei 05-06-2012 075

44 thoughts on “Groundscraper Thrush

  1. To my surprise I got quite close to a thrush last Saturday on the golf course. I expected it to fly away as I approached my ball in the semi rough, but it just hopped away a short distance – confident little bird. Based on my playing partner advising me it was a thrush and your photos, I will recognize one in future.

    • They are not the most scared birds… in fact on the course I’ve seen them dodge in quite close after a divot has been taken to check for worms… lovely little birds, just when you point a camera at them they turn their backs…

    • Oh yes it does… love to hear it calling through the trees… and then it will pop out on the ground in front of you with not a care in the world…till you aim a camera at it and it turns its back…

        • Busy with visits to as many Golf courses as I can get to.. spreading the word and waiting for orders… we knew it would take a while for those that need the program to bite.. and many have, now for them it’s shuffling funds to be able to afford the software… it is a little slow but will pick up I’m sure… but a lot of travelling and talking… lucky Linda is with me all the time , it helps the stress levels…
          It is not easy convincing someone to take something they have not heard of before… but they will bite eventually..

    • Diana.. you would love the town where I took these photos… they have spontaneous dances at the club… any excuse and it’s on… food supplied…

      • Yes!! I would love that! When I walk into a Blues bar, I’ll often drop my purse at the table and get right up on the dance floor – even if I’m totally alone! I usually get others on the floor in this way, bands should pay me a commission! Back in the day, I was the only one left on the floor during the long drum solo of Radar Love!

  2. hehehe, excellent captions with stunning photo’s as usual bulldog. I do so enjoy seeing these beauties. Thanks for sharing my friend. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. I love this slender little guy! I’d really be interested to see one of the nests you describe. I don’t think I’ve ever specifically heard of a bird using spider webs as part of its construction method! And the bird eggs sound very beautiful, too. I can’t believe the variety of birds you see. Each is so unique. 🙂

    • We have a few different bird specie that use spider web.. the paradise fly catcher being another.. they are not easy to get photos of as they are quite high and I’m too old to climb trees now.. did a lot as a youngster when I collected birds eggs…

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