A Bulldogs Bark for Suzie Landau.

I was recently introduced to Suzie Landau’s blog by Viveka at myguiltypleasures my favourite Swedish Girl and Suzanne at awindowtothewoods my favourite American girl. By the way if you’re not following them, do so, they are the most enjoyable blogs to follow. But I digress, I now follow Suzie’s blog for her inspirational outlook at cancer.

Now most of you know that I am married to a triple cancer survivor and she has had the tenacity to kick the big C in the ass, recently declared in remission after a 20 year battle.

I find Suzie’s blog, specially the one before she went into hospital for a double mastectomy (her blog if you haven’t read it) awe inspiring. A woman that has had to make a decision to have both her Boobs (her term not mine) removed due to circumstances of type and history is a must read for any woman. This was a possibility for Linda that the Surgeon discussed with us as to what he might find under anaesthetic, and asked before the op what he must do rather than have to put Linda through another operation. We went with “take ‘em off if the crap has hit the fan”. It wasn’t required.

Now to give things from the perspective of the bystander, the husband, it was traumatic to say the least. It felt for me worse than how Linda was handling the news. Yet in hindsight, I stand in awe of the decision that woman have to make, and try to equate an equivalent in men. Could we lie in a bed and tell the Doctor to “cut the nuts out if necessary”? I don’t think so.

To all the woman who read my blog, who have suffered the C and mentioned it, I admire each and everyone of you. I have witnessed the pain and suffering that Linda went through, all with a smile on her face, and wonder if I could do the same. I tend to think I’m dying when I get a bout of the flu, and probably act a bit like a baby, so I’m not sure I could handle it.

So to Suzie I say, “Kick ass girl, frighten that cancer away with the tenacity that only a woman can show” and you will also always be in our prayers, as are all that suffer from cancer.

A message from Linda…”Keep up the spirit of the fight and you will survive. Never stop to think the worst could happen, then it never will. And it sounds like you have a husband like mine, with their support everything is possible. I will read of your progress using the Bulldogs blog, with all the admiration and support like I was given… you go girl.”


55 thoughts on “A Bulldogs Bark for Suzie Landau.

    • I thank you for the visit.. and yes it seems funny to say so many people have been introduced through the post of a woman’s breasts… seems almost ridiculous to say that.. yet the curse of cancer in all its forms, removes any sexual cogitations that might be implied.. Linda, my wife having fought this cursed C for so many years, and now having won the battle, has brought us together with so many others that suffer the same fate… yet Linda will make light of it when encouraging others, and has been so successful in changing others attitudes towards this cursed disease… Suzie’s blog has been so incitive that it has just added more ammunition to Linda’s big gun she uses to encourage others to change their mindset of impending death. I love Suzie’s attitude that comes through in her writing, although I’m sure there are still times when the devil sits on her shoulder and whispers in her ear, which I think happens to all, yet her tenacity in the face of cancer is so commendable, that I’m sure we will here about her for years to come…
      August McLaughlin, it is so nice to meet you and thanks for the follow…

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  2. Thank you so much for the shout! I truly felt everyone’s prayers and positive energy that day!
    I am so glad to hear that your wife is cancer-free. She is right that we have to keep our chin up and smile in its nasty face because we are strong and meant to live long healthy lives.
    I dodged a bullet and am grateful that I can be a poster “child” for early detection. Most of all I am grateful for bloggers like you that got the word out since I continued to feel the energy throughout my recovery! I also believe it is why my oncotype which first came in at 26%, dropped to 13% with the final testing at Mayo. Miracles happen!

    • Thanks Susie… glad you got to read this.. and to know there are others out there shouting for your total recovery… specially those that have been through it… keep on keeping on…

  3. This is the best blog I’ve every read (including the comments) The love you share for your wife. The bravery of her courage and determination. The caring regard you have for others going through these painful and life altering experiences. Thank you for the person that you are Bulldog. For really caring about others. Please give your wife a special hug from me (each of you are lucky to have such great life partners!) xx

    • Wow thank you Penny… such kind words… I will give Linda the Hug… we feel we have a experience few others get to go through.. and like to share and encourage others… funny some don’t want it, and would prefer to remain thinking the worse… Linda is so persistent that in the end she gets through to these diehards… My survivor I like to call her.. her last ovarian cancer where she had two tumours removed one 8 inches in diameter that had burst and was filling her with the fluid and the other half that size, had me thinking this was the end for her… yet she shrugged that off like it was nothing, went thru the chemo, hair loss and all the other bad things that go with it and just kept on smiling… amazing… I’d have given up just there and then…

      • I have felt for a very long time that attitude has a lot to do with fighting off (successfully) bad health issues. Your wife just reconfirms my belief in this. Linda’s awesome!

  4. This was an amazing post Bulldog and thank you for introducing me to Suzie’s blog. I have not had to hear the fateful news “you have cancer” as your lovely wife has (three times no less) but my husband has, having been given the diagnosis of prostate cancer 5 years ago. He is healthy as I write this but one never knows. I hope to have the courage and grace that your lovely wife has if given this devastating news. My mother died of ovarian cancer at age 38 and there are many others in my family who have had to walk this path.

    • It is a terrible path to walk.. and I hope Hubby is now all in remission… I have to share Linda’s feelings… she says..”If I have to die now, I sit at Gods feet, and if I live, I get to see my grand children grow up.. that is only a win win situation” it amazes me and I’m not sure I could have the same attitude… but then we all react differently when the news is shared… but thank you for the comment…

  5. What an inspirational post, Bulldog. That was well written! Your wife is a beautiful lady and I hope the best for Suzie.

  6. Thanks for referring me to Suzie’s blog. I like her style and attitude. Your Linda is also very awesome…three time she beat it. WOW! I’m not sure how well others appreciate the breakthroughs that have occurred over the past fifteen years. It really is a beatable disease.

  7. I came across Suzie’s blog last night. What an amazing woman she is. Kudos to you, Bulldog for writing about this subject and big hugs to Linda for also being such a strong and determined survivor and role model…

  8. Bob, what a fantastic post to Susie – and you know all about the fight, the pains and … the worries. Your Linda is fantastic woman, what a warrior and Susie are of the same make.And I really like that I’m your favorite Swedish girl.

  9. I just encountered Susie as well bd — and, having walked her path in 2001 – I have no doubt she will triumph – those with perky boobs that will never need a bra support again!! Sending her loads of love and prayers – and so grateful for your tribute for her here… x Love to you my dearest friend, RL

    • Thank you Robyn… never knew you’d been through it.. but you’re in my prayers for your problems… you must be a special person to kick the C.. I stand now with more admiration than I had before… you go girl…

      • Thanks bulldog — and so much love to Linda– a fellow-female warrior of light in my eyes!
        Heart and Prayers for Suzie during this challenging time. I can see by reading her blog – she is a champion ~ Blessings my dear friend ~ R

  10. What a wonderful post……I know that Susie will love this and the message from Linda will give her even more hope and determination….from one fighter to another….wonderful….(p.s. Thanks for letting me be your favorite American girl….I’m walking around with a big old smile on my face).

  11. My 30 ur old daughter-In”law just kicked it to the curb found out yesterday double mastectomy overies and staph infection praise God she is on the other side

    • Thanks Anneli… it is not easy for sure… but women seem to handle these things far better than men.. Linda was given a pain killer for one of her ops, she wouldn’t take them, she felt it wasn’t necessary.. not long after I had a bad back ache and took one of those pills… oh were they good, I floated around 3 feet of the ground with a smile on my face… Linda tossed them straight away, she said I’d become hooked on them, ..she was right…

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