A Braai (Barbecue) of A Karro Lamb’s Hindquarter..

If there is something I love to Braai its Karoo or Kalahari Skaap (sheep).. the best is my deboned, marinated Lamb hindquarter done slowly over a fire.. The Son does saddle chops of the Kalahari skaap, which the way he does it, is to die for…

Being a slow process one gets a lot of visitors whilst sitting beside the fire… The Warthog, only got the peaches Linda had bought for herself..

weekend marloth 047

weekend marloth 046

The chameleon called in and it made no difference how many colours he changed to… he was getting none of my skaap…

weekend marloth 058

weekend marloth 057

But here is what I keep for myself and guests… the Karoo Lambs agterkwart.. deboned and slow braaied for 3 odd hours, marinated, doctored and spoken to nicely for the whole time period…..



Now this, thinly sliced, with fresh bread, garden salad, cheese, mint sauce or mustard, or with a good heap of Sudza (Mielie porridge) is to die for..