The Mountain Reedbuck.

Mountain reedbuck (Redunca fulvorufula)

Mountain Reedbuck..? sounds a bit of an oxymoron, how often do you see reeds in the mountains of South Africa.?? Not often if ever. So where did this name come from.? Who knows.

The Mountain Reedbuck is a medium-sized, graceful and shy antelope. Rams attain a mass of about 32 Kg and measures 750mm at shoulder. Ewes are smaller at 30 Kg.  It has a fluffy white tail and striking white under-parts. Forward curved horns are only found on rams.

The Mountain Reedbuck is a grazer and needs an adequate supply of fresh water. Well that I can go with, our mountains do have water reserves stored in areas… there must be reeds there then… Ah Ha … we have the answer…

Their natural habitat is, as their name suggests, mountainous terrain and they can be seen on mountain slopes feeding or resting in the shade and camouflage of the thick bush. Distribution is restricted to the mountain slopes of Gauteng, the Drakensberg, as well as the Karoo koppies (hills) along the upper Orange River. The Mountain Reedbuck is quite common in a suitable habitat.

Well I have only ever seen them once before todays capture, which I must admit was a lucky one, specially as there was not a mountain to be seen where I was…