Giraffe in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)

More photos and odd facts about the long stretch of an animal;

It is the tallest animal and ruminant. and the name is derived from its almost camel look.

Giraffe see in colour, according to the experts, I always wonder about such statements as how the hell do they know, and do some suffer from colour blindness.??

This I do know, it only has 7 neck bones and have ball and socket joints.. and the top vertebra is unique in that it allows the head to tilt directly upward.. the young are born with shorter necks, that develop quickly to give it length… can you imagine being a Giraffe mother giving birth to young that’s neck was full length… the neck muscles are extremely strong.. having to be able to hold the neck up and if you ever see them fighting, it’s all in the neck…

One other interesting fact, the mother gives the final birth of her young standing… so little giraffe fall into the world and surprisingly stand up very quickly, staggering a lot, but not long after birth, it’s ready to run with Mom to escape predators…

As the Giraffe is a ruminant, it has to regurgitate its feed from the stomach back to the mouth for rumination… firstly all that way down.. then back up for a re chew… fascinating…

Blood pressure seems controlled with tighter and thicker skin on the legs restricting too big a build up… much like a G flight suit for pilots…

Kalagadi 1194 

Kalagadi 1196

Kalagadi 1202

Kalagadi 1203

Kalagadi 1209

Kalagadi 1341

Kalagadi 1342


49 thoughts on “Giraffe in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

  1. Always learning something new from your shots and commentary. Beautiful and fascinating animals!

  2. They’re beautiful…and surprisingly graceful for their size.

    When i see one I’m always reminded of a story from way back when. My ex-in-laws were hosting some friends from the states and the guy asked my FIL how giraffes hunted their prey with those long necks withour being seen. Hehehe 😉 My then FIL said, “Well Jeff, it’s very interesting. Giraffes hunt in groups. How they do it is that they circle their prey and then slowly and stealthily they tighten the circle, until at last they’re really really close…and then…they quickly eat up the tree!” Jeff was not amused, but we all thought it was hilarious.

  3. They are truly fascinating creatures. I had heard about the mother giving birth standing (ouch) but not that they have only 7 neck bones. I love your posts Bulldog. I constantly learn something new. 🙂

    • Thank you LuAnn.. it is one of the more interesting animals on this earth… Its mouth adaption for feeding of thorn trees… it’s ability to suck water to heights etc… actually an amazing animal… the also can kick forward and with that hoof and weight can do an awful amount of damage to a predator…

  4. In Colchester we have giraffe sculptures all over our town at the moment. I shall take some photographs of them.

    • Oh yes they have been known to out run the predators with ease.. but the lovely bit about it is those that have been brought down by a predator have on many occasions been saved by the vicious kick of their mothers…

  5. It’s lucky I don’t have to decide which kind of posts of your I love most; birds, animals or history. They’re all wonderful, and I wish I could have had a teacher like you back when some learning was a bore. You make everything so interesting, and your pictures are so beautiful.

  6. They are such strange and other worldly creatures. I remember seeing a video of two males fighting, and they used their necks as weapons. Really cool post, love the fun facts and the photos are great.

  7. Yes, the giraffe is beautiful (I can see why its one of your favs!) and I enjoyed learning more about them.

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