400 Posts, How time flies.

As I searched for a post today I discovered this post will be my 400th.. who knew I would ever reach this stage .?.. not I.

Have I sniffed around for enough material..???

len 014

Have I tried to hide my face..??

tania 058

Have I been brave in my commentary and strong in my posts.?

Kalagadi 1307

Have I covered the birds and the bees.?? (well the baby birds and the butterflies)…

Kalagadi 1170

Have I slaked the thirst for knowledge of some of my followers.?? I hope so…

Kalagadi 1169

Have I looked West and then gone East.??

Kalagadi 915

Have I had the strength of my convictions.??

Kalagadi 1364

Have I looked everyone in the face and communicated my true feelings in my comments.?

Kalagadi 541 

Well all I can say is I hope I’ve been a friend to all that follow me and all that I follow. May the sun never sink on our friendship that stretches across such vast distances of the world, and may God give me the grace and opportunity to continue posting new posts for years to come…

Kalagadi 896

“At the setting of the sun, may we all continue to entertain each other in such diverse ways.”