Black and White Photo Challenge : Nature


A challenge set by Sonel seemed to be so easy, jumped on the computer hard drive and struggled to find a few that I could post… any way here’s my entry…

Kalagadi 312

Kalagadi 469

This is hard…………………….

Kalagadi 547

Kalagadi 1003

Kalagadi 1294

Kalagadi 1371

Kalagadi 940-001


77 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge : Nature

  1. WOW! How beautiful they are… You know I love B&W photography more than anything… and also I love BIG and SMALL cats so much…. so you can guess which one is best for me and which one I wanted to give a kiss 🙂 But they are all of them so impressive. Great photographs. Thank you dear Rob, love, nia

  2. So lovely bulldog… I enjoy b&w photos like this a lot — not sure what it is – something very eclectic about treating them this way — artistic!!
    Love to you friend ~ X RL

  3. I love the 2nd one of the lion! I love B&W photos of people because it feels like the personality comes across in their faces. It seems to be true in some of these photos too. What do you think?

    • I do agree with you Diana… why do I keep them in colour? ’cause one wants to show the richness of the differing coats… yet in B & W they do still look good with a different twist to them… their sheen seams to stand out more…

  4. Seeing these black and white images of Africa brings me waaaaayyyyy back to my youth and watching Daktari on the small b&w tv we had…the only tv in the house.
    How times have changed! now a tv that tiny is considered an under-the-kitchen-cabinet, last choice for viewing! Back then it was an enormo gateway to a continent half a world away.
    Good choice, Bulldog..and thanks for the nostalgic trip down memory lane!

    • Daktari… wow I’d forgotten about that show… yes also enjoyed my little Black and White TV… started at 6 pm and finished at 10 pm with the national anthem and then a test pattern that I often sat and watched wondering if it would ever change…

  5. Oh WOW bulldog! These are stunning!!!! My favourite is the close-up of the Lion’s face. Absolutely amazing shots my friend! Thanks so much for joining. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Thank you Sonel… this was fun but quite a challenge to look at a photo with a different perspective when thinking B & W… had to rework them to get them to look fairly good… but I’m ready bring on the next one, I’m up to the challenge…

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