Curbed Freedom.. Getemde Vryheid

A bronze statue that adorned the lawn in Parliament street now stands at the Voortrekker monument site.

It represents the corner stone of democracy, the Afrikaner bull represents the people of South Africa, and the powerful child as the youth of South Africa.

This statue, completed in 1961 by Hennie Potgieter took up its place of pride in the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site in 2008.

Rhodesian Memorial 101

Voortrekker Monument 160

Voortrekker Monument 158

Voortrekker Monument 157


39 thoughts on “Curbed Freedom.. Getemde Vryheid

  1. It’s easy to think great art and strong symbolic works as a thing of the past, but this relatively new sculpture proves otherwise.

  2. Very powerful statue bulldog – (oh gosh – just saw so many comments used the same term!! ). Super interesting to learn the historical significance too – great shots as always by you ! Thank you dear friend from S.A. x RL

    • The whites that pioneer into South Africa were hardy poor people, some exiled from their own countries to open and farm the lands for their countries ships passing the Cape to be restocked… these were hardy people “Voortrekkers” who suffered the consequence of Africa’s hardships, diseases and trying to make peace with the indigenous people who were forever at war with each other… I think it depicts just such a hardship that the young have to settle, to make peace and to take the country into the future…

    • I think so too… one of the other comments said it had movement, and I think that’s what brings me back to the statue over and over… there is just something about it…

    • How right you are… I think that’s what attracts me to this statue every time I go there… something about it just has it… I think you’re right it’s the appearance of movement…

  3. Absolutely stunning shots as usual bulldog. Love how you captured it! If that bull is in any way like me, that kid wouldn’t be standing there for long..hehehehe
    Thanks for sharing! 😀

    • That it is Dianne… and captures a good meaning for the future of SA… somehow I feel this was lost in its original position and is now seen by so many more people when they visit one of our greatest heritage sites…

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